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Posted by RAmpersaND

I typically agree with Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, the creator of Zero Punctuation, but today, he opined that Portal 2 pales in comparison to the original Portal. I remembered things being the other way around, and now that I've revisited the latter's first dozen test chambers, I'm beginning to suspect that my memory serves me correctly!

Posted by spankingaddict

There is no doubt that Portal 2 is the better game overall. Wheatley , enough said. :)

Posted by TooWalrus
@spankingaddict said:
" There is no doubt that Portal 2 is the better game overall. Wheatley , enough said. :) "
Absolutely, it's funny right off the bat. Also, they use lasers to solve puzzles, instead of those irritating bouncing light balls- the sound of those bouncing around for entire chambers gave me more headaches that crazy looping portals ever could.
Posted by RAmpersaND
@spankingaddict: Wheatley really was a great addition to the cast!

@TooWalrus: I had forgotten how annoying those orbs can be!
Posted by animateria

To be fair, Yahtzee is pretty much obligated to hate on games.

Edited by SteamPunkJin

I don't think he was entirely wrong.
Portal was a puzzle game wrapped in wonderfully sarcastic humor.
Portal 2 was a more enjoyable experience, but not a better puzzle game.
He did however fail to make note that, and it is really quite rare, Portal 2 took everything from the first game an expanded on it perfectly, added new and complimentary mechanics, co-op game play (which was goddamn brilliant), and I think most importantly opened the door for new players without alienating the older player base.

Posted by drag

Portal 2 has more things you could legitimately find fault with, and when your job is to count up the negatives that's going to be the natural conclusion. I did find Portal 2's puzzles a little lacking in single-player but most everything else made up for it. Wouldn't say which was better really, and I did reply the first last week.

Posted by spankingaddict
@RAmpersaND: Yahtzee probably just hates sequels.