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I keep getting tempted by the 2 for £30 range in HMV even worse is the 4 DVDs for £20.  I bought BeetleJuice, Cloverfield, Fight Club and Pulp Fiction and still have the cellophane wrap on Beetlejuice and Cloverfield.

From the 2 for £30 range I was tempted to buy Deadly Premonition and Nier but decided against it and rented them instead.

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Posted by zombie2011

I bought Portal 2 last week when i was just browsing Amazon. I saw it was only $35 and thought why not.

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Posted by AjayRaz

i have a copy of Deadly Premonition and i'm not sure how it got there. i played it a couple times and i just found it to be not enjoyable in any way-- which is what i expected. i should have sold it already, but.. i don't know.. it's just.. i can't. 

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Posted by Soap

You went to HMV and did the very same thing I did, I bought Deadly Premonition and Blaz Blue months ago and I haven't touched either of them. I will play Blaz Blue eventually but Deadly Premonition is never getting opened. 

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Posted by Yanngc33

For me, that walk to the store is key to what I'm going to buy. Once i get there, i stick to the plan

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Posted by EVO
@CoheedFavorHouse said:
" i also have a copy of deadly premonition on my shelf that i can't explain. nor have i played it. and quite frankly, i doubt i'm going to. "
Same here. I wonder how many copies Giant Bomb helped sell.
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Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

Last weekend I bought Mafia 2 on OnLive for $7. I can't actually play it until I get a mouse for my Macbook, and I doubt I'll ever buy a mouse for my Macbook. I am a terrible impulse buyer, just ask my 3DS...

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Posted by CoheedFavorHouse

i also have a copy of deadly premonition on my shelf that i can't explain. nor have i played it. and quite frankly, i doubt i'm going to.

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Posted by zudthespud

In the mood for some retail therapy this afternoon, so I went into town to look at games. I was really feeling like shooting people in the face and committing other unrelated crimes so I was pretty dead set on GTA IV, it's pretty cheap second hand and I think I can justify that to myself. So I get into the game store, and I see the 2 for £30 section, I go over to take a look and the two games I see straight away, lined up right next to each other are Skate 3 and Deadly Premonition. I didn't really think about what I was doing and picked them up, the next thing I knew I was walking home, left to think about what the hell I had just done.

I've been meaning to get skate 3 for a while, I loved the first two and I could go for a third dip in. It makes sense for me to get that. Now, Deadly Premonition. Kind of scratching my head about this one. After much deliberation trying to justify my purchase, the best reason I can find is for when Giant Bomb to sign it on the world tour. It was this or Kane and Lynch, and I'd rather support SWERY. I don't know if I'm even going to play it, should I? I never watched the Endurance run so it would all be new.

So... I have 2 new games, 4 cans of Monster and a load of budweiser in the fridge and some leftover pizza. I think tonight is going to be one of those nights when I act like a massive nerd instead of going out and having a life. Meanwhile, my revision for the exam I have on Wednesday is going amazingly