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Posted by dagas

About a year ago  my DC started to have a problem. It randomly rebooted. I felt like playing DC again so I googled and found this   http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/19/t44179-dreamcast-reseting-problem-help/ it worked and was a fairly easy process. I've tried several games and so far it has been working like a charm.

Also, people are still playing PSO online! Through private servers, but still. I can't join them since I don't have a broadband adapter and no phone jack for dial-up even if I had a dial-up internet service.

Now that I've got that working I doubt I'm actually going to play much on it, but it's nice to be able to if I want to ^^
Posted by BrickRoad

My Dreamcast resets itself sometimes. On my last play through of Shenmue 2 it reset twice, but luckily I'd saved recently each time.

Posted by loopy_101

Yeah I cleaned the pins on my Dreamcast and it didn't have problems since. It is fairly easy to do aswell.

Posted by mariokart64fan

mine only resets on tom clancys rainbow six, i tihnk the disc is screwed , cause every other game works,