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Posted by danjbailey

I really hope the song "Youth of a Nation" is on the soundtrack to this game. 

Posted by Snoman
 I can relate to that. Bikes and 3 Wheel ATVs were a large part of mine as well, although not via video games. P.O.D. ,of course, was not, but I do own Satellite. I'm sure I was born 15 years too early. Dammit. 
Posted by Dain22
@snoman: P.O.D. and dirt-bike culture were a big part of my high school experience.
Posted by Snoman
@Dain22: Damn. Rainbow studios didn't even exist when I was in high school. In fact, Windows 1.0 was introduced when I was in 10th grade. Our computer science teacher was terribly excited to be replacing the Commodores we were learning BASIC on.
Posted by boylie


Posted by fontainefellow

what is this i don't even...

Posted by Snoman

Looking at the textures, I think they made that trailer using Fraps, while playing the game through OnLive over a 128K DSL connection.

Posted by MeatSim

So Motorcycles and ATV's are alive and sentient in this game?

Posted by blacklab

The sports depicted here are 'hardcore'

Posted by Dain22

It's like I'm in High School all over again.

Edited by Death_Burnout

Jesus...i swear that stupid (and weirdly off) P.O.D song  has been on one of these trailers years back...or was that just another typical wrestle rock song. Probably thinking of Saliva.

You might as well have stuck Rollin' on there.

Posted by Cronoman66

POD?! Really?!

Posted by StealthRaptor

Where the heck did faux P.O.D. come from??

Posted by Weazul

oh P.O.D thats topical

Edited by B3ntley

That was some weird cover or something. These games are usually pretty solid, despite there being 2 million of them. Trailer looks like shit though.

Posted by fillmoejoe

How many of these have there been?

Posted by PieGuy

This game looks terrible, that trailer was terrible. Available now?
A lot of money goes into their marketing.

Posted by Baraka528

how fast can they pump these out? people are buying these? wtf? POD, but not sung by their singer? wtf?

Posted by Kyle

Why should I care about this game exactly? Wait, available now? What the fuck?

Posted by sixpin

Is this a modern game trailer? I mean, Alive, ATVs, and Gatorade effects all in one trailer... It is like a hot tub time machine.

Posted by datarez

Available now?

Posted by DukesT3

oh sweet. 

Posted by sagesebas

I thought this said Mk Vs ATV

Posted by Mutley

Wow what a surprise