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Posted by BoringK

Here's my stack of console and handheld games that I've bought and not touched yet.

Total disclosure: I did play the tutorial at the beginning of the first Devil Summoner. But including it in the pile better illustrates my addiction to buying SMT games and barely/never playing them. Any suggestions on something I should be playing NOW?
Posted by McBEEF

Out of those games I would definetely play The Darkness because it rules. :) havn't played any of the other so I can't comment on them.

Posted by BoringK

Yeah, the talk about it on the last Bombcast really made me want to jump into it. But I'll probably finish what I've now started first, which is God of War III, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin and also L.A. Noire.

Posted by sewageking1

Of the DS games you have there, I would definitely recommend Radiant Historia.  It's easily one of the best DS games I've played.

Posted by Tridrakious

God of War III is a great game to play. If you want to just sit back and enjoy playing a game that gives you so much freedom to destroy your enemies in anyway you want, it's God of War III. Highly recommended to play.

Posted by mayorfancyhat

I'd recommend The Darkness or Silent Hill 3, since they're both awesome, and both short enough to bust through on a lazy saturday.

Or Radiant Historia, since it's a completely fantastic 16-bit RPG throwback, and I think members of the Persona team worked on it. I very well could be wrong on that one though; great game regardless.