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Posted by StarvingGamer

I was going to use "Police Brutality Caught on Tape" as the title of this blog but it felt too... click-whorish.

So Stryker, another character with minor mixups as far as I understand MK9 mixups. Without frame data or online play there is no way for me to really know what pressure tricks he has but his dial-a-combo that hits low then mid should catch people unfamiliar with the matchup.
In most situation I'd imagine that playing Stryker as a zoner is going to net you the most success. A two-hit projectile that goes fullscreen instantly and can be delayed is AMAZING. His Roll Toss as a combo ender helps with this, as it chucks the opponent back to full screen. Unfortunately the timing to land it is extremely tight. Unless you are an execution monster you'll probably be better off ending his combos with an uppercut instead. The damage will only be 1 or 2% less and it is significantly easier to land.

So tomorrow I have to get my blood taken which means I probably won't have time before work to make another combo video. I did bulldoze my way through Portal 2 but next week I'll be glued to my TV playing LA Noire. Rather than take a look at new characters I may flesh out some of my previous videos with X-Ray, Enhanced and Punish combos. Have a great weekend everybody!
Posted by Kyreo

I may just start using Stryker.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I've said both these things before, and I'll say 'em again:


1) Stryker is the shit.

2) You are way better at combos and this game than I will ever hope to be.

Posted by imsh_pl

Man that punish combo after Mileena's roll was pretty sick, gonna be extremely useful for punishing overuse of teleports.

Posted by afrokola

Good lord! I will never be able to do this, I applaud you!

Posted by Demoskinos

Never liked stryker until this game.  Jeff Gerstmann's overuse of stryker in UMK3 also turned my head to him actually being pretty decent.