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Posted by Hardgamer

Age difference sometimes it’s not okay!!!

Right so straight of the bat I just want to explain that I for one have no problem with an age difference in a relationship, this is more of a fun blog so just go with it and don’t try to make any mountains out of mole hills.

Now we have seen so many stories about vampires these last few decades and they seem to skim over the age difference with varying ease. Let’s take Twighlight for a starting point seeing as the next movie installment is only a meager few days away. Edward was born in 1901 and died in 1918 at his time of death would have been seventeen so that places him at the right age as Bella from the movie and book, look wise. Now by the time he meets Bella he has been the living dead for over a hundred and six years. 

Now this is where my problem starts, see Bella is all to eager to fall for mister sparkles in sunlight and damn right too, I don’t know many seventeen year old girls who aren’t looking for some mystical monster….sorry mystical hansom stranger to offer them something more then the terrible lives they have now…. We all know being a teenager is hard!!! Well that’s until you become older and have to work and pay tax, sorry im getting to that part!!!

Now as far as teen vampire stories go this is the underlying plot, Vampire Diaries, hell even True Blood to a point. So a seventeen year old girl who has never fallen in love before or had the chance to understand the world around her, who has never gone to college or had a real job (and before you say I know  she worked at the dinner….but that was a dinner.) She has had no real chance to be a girl that becomes a woman. But the vampire who has matured over the last hundred odd years and should understand what his action will do is more often then not eager to please the woman he is with.

 May it be after several chapters of her and him being emo about it all. No I won’t change you im a monster…Shut up and get a grip. It’s not about changing her because you’re a monster or that you will be taking away her chance to be human, It’s because it just freaking strange why a 107 year old would want to date a 17 year old, well unless your getting something out of it that won’t make your heart explode in your chest.

Now I get that he is not old and will never get old, but he should also know that life as well as living is important. We need to be able to make mistakes and fall in and out of love, that’s what makes us who we are, may it be human or not. Hell we all had made mistakes and that’s what gets us to where we are, But now you go and make her a Vampire “Because that’s what she really really wanted” like the 18 year old girl who wants a prom dress or needs the latest whatever cd or she is just going to die…. Or she could be more mature, if a woman wants something 9/10 times she is going to get it. 

So yeah her life may be in danger and you need to do it, but do you really? Lets take a forward jump and find out what happens when things go wrong because some teenage weddings just don’t last past their third year. You just p!ssed of a very fast and powerful women who YOU turned into a vampire, well done dumbass a women scorned who will simply rip off your face, but don’t worry you can heal….so she can do it again, Welcome to your eternal nightmare!!

But all that a side, the age thing just confuses me, 107 year old, lives with his family, enjoys baseball in the rain and dark overcast towns, seeks 17 year old for friendship or more. Really how many people would reply to that?

Anyway hope I got at least a few laughs and you enjoyed my random blog for this week.   

Posted by melcene

That actually was both entertaining and thought-provoking. 
But put aside the vampire thing for an instant.  How is it any different from someone like Hugh Hefner?  He's 85 and next month will be marrying his 25 year old girlfriend.  If his name wasn't Hugh Hefner, or if no one knew it was him, how would it be any different really? 
Maybe Bella's just a gold-digger after all ;)