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Posted by flyingace16021
@Chop: I did for a good long part of the game. But now that I'm deep into it, I'm actually enjoying it, though it is definitely not without its faults. 
Edited by Chop

Worst game I played last gen. 
Do you feel like tearing off your own head yet? That happened to me like five hours in. 

Posted by Shadow
I loved that game.
Posted by SirOptimusPrime

Ahh, fuck I pray for your soul that game is bad. 

But, as you were. And seriously, that game sucks, so enjoy your possible waste of a very LONG amount of time. 

Posted by flyingace16021

Hey Folks, 

If anyone watches these, I'll never know. but still! It's been a while since I've uploaded. Part 43 is Hauler stuff, so you're welcome to watch that if you need help with it, i can post it here or you can watch it on my channel. Yup!