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Posted by Tobli

Sanctum on steam

Posted by Zoolander

I would buy the latest black ops map pack! *braces for shitstorm*

Posted by iDarktread

Most definitely Arcana Heart 3 on the PSN.

Edited by JJOR64

The 1600 MS Points would be nice to have.
What would I spend it on?  Well, I would spend the points on the Arcade Edition DLC for Super Street Fighter IV that comes out June 7th.

Posted by translucentfish

PSN. Costume Quest, Stacking, or Scott Pilgrim.

Posted by Mechwing

Steam! Prob Magicaka and something else i've wanted to play for awhile 

Posted by IFinners

There are a multitude of cool looking indie titles I would get from Steam if I was lucky enough to win.

Edited by swamplord666
Posted by jkuc316

$20 PSN, I would get Under Siege or some DLCs

Posted by defaulttag

PSN Outland

Posted by Choffy

Man, if I got 1600 Microsoft Points I would definitely get Trenched when it comes out. That game just looks awesome.

Posted by Bollard

I would say 360 for Daggerdale, but that's USA only, so as an Englishman I'mma say Frozen Synapse on Steam so I can support some super awesome indie developers!

Posted by crazyleaves

2 copies of Terraria for me and a buddy.

Posted by Hockeymask27

Super meatboy on steam if I could not 100%

Posted by ssj4raditz

I would use my winning to buy MORE SONGS FOR ROCK BAND!! Because I can't seem to have enough...

Posted by Jaqen_HGhar

Since I am in Europe I can only win the Steam prize. I would either get one of the cheaper games off my wishlist, but if I can pool it together with my own money I would finally get Fallout: New Vegas or Bulletstorm.

Posted by Danteveli

Left 4 Dead on Steam sounds really nice.

Posted by nintendoeats

Well I guess I would get the Steam game cause I'm in Canada. Terraria looked neat, but 10 bucks is more than I want to spend on it. So prolly that.
Thanks as usual duder!

Posted by JJWeatherman

I'd probably go for Terraria for Steam. Seems cool. 

Posted by SMTDante89

I would probably get the 1600 MSP and save them for some Rock Band DLC.

Posted by AngryRedPlumber

360 - I would probably get Trenched, it looks super fun.

Edited by Joker369

I'd get and magicka on steam then you could donate the other 10$ to the red cross

Posted by Eaxis

Steam: Half life 2 and Terraria.
Posted by The_Hiro_Abides
Posted by FritzDude

Neverwinter nights gold collection. Hopefully.

Posted by Mento

Damn, this thread got busy fast. I'm kind of ambivalent - I want this type of magnanimity to become a wildly successful thing, but then with fewer entries I'd have a better shot at winning. I would get the new Mount & Blade or Magicka on Steam if I was lucky enough to get chosen.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

360, and I'd put it towards good sale DLC and games.  If Ms. Splosion Man comes out anytime soon, I'd have to seriously think about that.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff
@Mento said:
Damn, this thread got busy fast. I'm kind of ambivalent - I want this type of magnanimity to become a wildly successful thing, but then with fewer entries I'd have a better shot at winning.
I know, right? Hopefully the more people that see this, though, the more donations I will get. If I end up overflowing with games I'm going to start doing this twice a week, meaning twice the winners!
Posted by ZeForgotten

Steam, of course and then Terraria. 
What's that? there's more money left? 
Give them to charity or make the next internet-money price bigger

Posted by MX

I would go for either Super Meatboy or Terarria on Steam 

Posted by ArbitraryWater

If I were to get 1600 MSP I'd probably use them on the new Super Street Fighter IV downloadable content when that comes out on June 7th.

Posted by Vince

I'd get The Witcher: Enhanced Edition on Steam. 

Posted by commandercup
@kuz101 said:
I would get Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes for 360.
Good choice.  
360 for me! I would probably snag Torchlight. 
Posted by BcBarker

I think I would go for  Magicka on Steam.

Posted by BackupPanic

I'd most likely pick up Torchlight on XBLA.

Posted by newtothegame950

I'm going to ask for the steam prize, Counter Strike Source :)

Posted by EpicSteve

I would get my DaggerDale on! 

Posted by melcene

Ooooh.  Torn between the $20 in MSP for more songs for Rock Band, or $20 for Steam for games for my new laptop.

Posted by ez123

I'd spend the 1600 ms points on the Arrival DLC when it goes on sale(ME2 S Rank) and a Summer of Arcade game that catches my eye. At least one of them will, it's looking like Shadow Planet but it could be Shadow something else Epic and Chair. 

Posted by Dan_Persona

AudioSurf and Unreal Gold and Half-Life: Opposing Force on Steam

Edited by c0l0nelp0c0rn1

What happens if I can't decide what I would spend it on?
Warhammer 40K: Gold Edition on Steam

Posted by JPJordan

and i would get might and magic clash of heroes or super meat boy

Posted by mbkish

With the 1600ms I would totally grab Bastion or possibly any of the Mortal Kombat DLC that is coming out soon.

Posted by Ciffy

1600 MSP; not sure what i'd buy with it.  Probably wait for a good sale / deal of the week and go nuts.

Posted by divisionbyzorro

Magic the Gathering DotP 2012!

Posted by SSully

I would love to get Outland or Everyday Shooter 2 on PSN with that 20 bucks! 
Also I might have a game or two to contribute to your next give away, should I just PM you the details? 

Posted by RTSlord

360 - costume quest

Posted by tunaburn

team fortress 2 on steam! ive wanted it for a long time but keep missing the sales. :( its only $20 but im broke

Posted by SoldierG654342

With 20 PSN bucks I would catch up on some my DLC backlog. Namely Valkira Chronicles and Lords of Shadow. Also, the new MK costumes. 

Posted by Diablochicken14

For the 360 I would probably pick up the new MK DLC, Dead Rising: Case Zero, and the new Magic game.

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