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Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Contest closed! The winner will be PMed.

Check my blog/the General Discussion forum on Monday for Vito's Game Giveaway #21!

Posted by DystopiaX

$20 on steam to either go towards buying FO3: GOTY edition or to bank for whenever i have my next impulse buy.

Posted by Arker101
Good on ya to be generous, don't see it very often, especially on the net. 
That would be so awesome if they did. 
So many patches.
Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

One hour left!

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

This ends tomorrow! I will make another post whenever everyone has one hour left. 
Man, these names are going to take FOREVER to enter in the random drawing.

Posted by Pop

$20 on steam Counter-strike source + garry's mod, I always wanted to try garry's mod :D

Posted by Kowbrainz
Posted by Vonocourt

PSN Rock Band 2 export and possibly Arcana Hearts 3.

Posted by Towers

I would use it to buy both DLCs for Fallout NV on Steam.

Posted by jjnen

I'd get Frozen Synapse for me and my buddy.

Posted by TekZero

With the 1600 ms points, I'd finally update my Magic:The Gathering game. 

Posted by ShadowConqueror

360 for Rockstar Pass and whatever else I can afford!
Posted by Stigs

I'd go for the 1600 MSP and save it until Bastion is released. Very much looking forward to playing that. 

Posted by Bigandtasty

I'd go for the 1600 MSP. Grab a Rockstar Pass for L.A. Noire in advance of getting the actual game, then pocket the rest for Ms. Splosion Man like a hoarding jerk.
Also Gears of Awesome is best imo. WHERE'S MY WIFE

Posted by dungbootle

Steam, I'd like Garry's Mod and Magicka

Posted by louiedog

I'd save it for Trenched on XBLA. That's if I can hold out. Otherwise, Rock Band DLC, LA Noire DLC if it comes out soon.

Posted by Spike94

Bionic Commando: Rearmed for the PSN.
Posted by NickFerg

I'd buy Machinarium on Steam. I've been going off on an old school LucasArts and Sierra adventure kick recently, and I'd love to see where this genre has gone recently.

Edited by McBEEF

I'd get Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine on Steam for my girlfriend, she just passed her college exams and she is obsessed with that game.
Only just discovered these giveaways, very cool.

Posted by Panpipe

I'd love to get Bit.Trip.Beat on Steam.

Posted by Landon

I just played Outland and that new Might and Magic game on the XBLA, I'll buy those if I win.

Posted by Kibblez

Comic Jumper.. I guess

Posted by AhmadMetallic
Posted by Vari

I would get some Mass Effect 2 DLC on XBLA.

Posted by redbliss

$20 on steam, and I would get team fortress 2.
Posted by 5socks5

$20 Steam Terraria? I really wanna play this at the moment.

Posted by Cerogravian

Steam, since I'm not in the U.S...
I think I'd go with the combination of Magicka & Terraria... 
Haven't been able to purchase them, and I'm looking forward to trying both!

Posted by LOTR_Dan

I would grab Neverwinter 2 on Steam. Been meaning to play the Expansion Packs, and it would be nice to not have to dig out the discs.

Posted by Rebirth1337

1600MSP, I don't know what I would pick. But Trials HD, MK DLC, Battlefield BC2 DLC, and I know theres like 4 or 5 arcade games I would like.

Edited by FesteringNeon

When PSN comes back up, I'd love to buy Hustle Kings and a new release from the many we should see update!
-Also liked you on facebook. -Todd Bukko 
Did I miss the post with the winners last week?

Posted by rawrsair

PS3 - I'd probably use it to take advantage of some of the PS Plus discounts during the free month when the store comes back online.

Posted by Juno500

I'd probably get The Witcher on Steam.

Posted by MrOldboy

I would add them to my account and hoard them until a sale. I usually never buy download only games until there is a steam or XBLA sale.

Posted by ESREVER

PSN. I'd like to get Outland when the Store comes back up. Either that or Might and Magic Clash of Heroes. 
Grats on giveaway #20. Mad awesome what you've done and STILL doing.

Posted by RWL_MU_OSU

I would buy Bastion on XBLA whenever it comes out this summer.  Gotta support the Supergiant Games crew!

Posted by AjayRaz

steam! i'd buy AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaAAh a total disregard for gravity or Terraria 

Posted by Patman99

I would use the Steam bucks to purchase Terraria for two of my friends so we can start building a world together!

Posted by MrHeist

I'd finally nab Beyond Good and Evil on XBL

Edited by GJSmitty

I would get Terraria on Steam and use the rest to buy a game to donate to the next giveaway! 
I also made a Facebook just for this :)

Posted by dorimajmun

Magicka! One of the best indie games ever!

Edited by InfiniteGeass

Hard Corps Uprising probably.

Posted by RipTheVeins

Most likely Mortal Kombat DLC  
Then whatever's left toward Shank or MvC2.

Posted by Halberdierv2

PSN - I need my SSF2HDR groove on. Either that, or the Call of the Dead Map when it comes out.

Posted by litrock

360.  I would probably go and pick up Sega Rally Online or one of the random shmups I don't have.

Posted by LittleBigJono

I'm gonna say Terraria on steam, save you 10 bucks that you should use on something nice for yourself for running these great giveaways

Posted by Little_Socrates

I'd probably spend a majority of the 1600 XBLA points on Outland.

Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1
@Vito_Raliffe: Good thing I decided on Warhammer 40K, then.
Posted by SirOptimusPrime

Amnesia's been staring at me pretty hard lately, so the $20 for Steam would be nice. 

Posted by igloodude

If I were to win, I'd probably spend the MSP on Stacking or some Mass Effect 2 DLC.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff
@JCTango said:
Heya Vito, congrats on your milestone contest!
Thanks! It's already the most successful one so far!
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