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You he man, StarvingGamer!!!

Posted by StarvingGamer
@Xpgamer7 Most of these videos come from me seeing beastly tournament play so I already have a general idea going in what I should be looking for. Either that or I notice a character is very unpopular and wonder why. Those videos tend to take me longer to do though.
Posted by Xpgamer7

You really study those characters don't you. Good job on the vids man.

Posted by imsh_pl

StarvingGamer, why you so good?
 I would also love to see you do some Cyber Sub-Zero combos.

Posted by TheCableKid

Yo dude thanks for the combo's, this is really gonna help improve my MK game. BTW with your Scorpion juggle is there any way to continue the juggle after your put him down the second time or is there some kind of cool down (sorry if the question is dumb I am a little noobish at MK). Thanks.

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Dunno if this is of any help to you but I was messing round with Smoke a bit and found that if you have an opponent in the air then hit them with smoke's F+BK you can quickly combo into his teleport (which hits both times). I'm no great MK9 player so you probably found this out already. Anyway, great vids, hopefully when the netcode is fixed I can try and fail to do these combos online

Posted by Little_Socrates

Man, I wish I was that kind of good at fighting games.

Getting some really crazy looking glitches in the editor...not sure what's happening.

Posted by Slaker117

Thanks for the update. Need to nail down some more Scorpion combos.

Posted by StarvingGamer

The store is back up! I redeemed my Online Pass but since the game hasn't received a real patch recently, I'm assuming netcode is still laggy as shit? Maybe I'll try some more ranked matches later. 
So I'm getting a little tired of LA Noire. I think it's mostly my fault, since I can't help but do the street crimes every time they pop up and they are always in East LA while I'm driving around West Hollywood. Maybe I'll just start making my partner drive me everywhere instead, since I just went ahead and bought that Rockstar Pass thingy and all the current DLC
In MK9 news, I just was watching some of the matches from the PDP National tournament in... Las Vegas I think? I was inspired by @MarkMan23's valiant efforts with Smoke and decided to give him a spin. His combos are all really hard hitting but pretty strict with the timings and complicated with the inputs. Thank god I was able to edit out all the dropped combos. 
Of course the damage discrepancy between his different potential combo openers means most players are going to expect the big FKxxD+FPxxBP and make you work for it. None of Smoke's other specials seemed all that great other than his teleport as a possible wake-up move. Unfortunately he also has no real way to combo into X-Ray for any significant damage. Still, the speed and tracking qualities of his Smoke Cloud should be enough to force most other characters to be cautious. 

Then there's my old go-to, Scorpion. Since NRS recently did a stealth tweak to the way damage is scaled in combos, all of my previous combo videos have become obsolete. Of course I could always just change the % for each combo in the description, but I figured I might as well try to broaden the depth each of these videos goes into. Since I have the most practical experience with Scorpion he was the obvious choice. I looked at a few other common game situations you might find yourself in, and made new combos specific to them. You've already seen most of what's on display here, but there are a few new goodies tucked away as well (+ timestamps!) 
Now I'm running late for work so I'd better stop typing. I should have all of Monday to myself however so expect more Kontent then. Oh and if you guys ever see me on PSN (catbond) send me a game invite. I promise you I'm not nearly as good as I pretend to be in these videos :D