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Posted by XTraFries

It is currently Tuesday, June 7th, 3:45 am on the east cost, I am listening to the first bombcast of E3 2011, and I am downloading the Warhammer Online client for the second time.

WAR is one of the few games I've followed extensively throughout it's development. I was in the beta, I played on launch day, and I had a hell of a lot of fun with it. It was an MMO I really enjoyed, which was a first for me. But life continued to happen and a few months later I didn't play it enough to justify spending the money, so I let the account go silent and did other things such as going to college, satisfying women sexually, and building my career with internships and all that fun shit.

Classes are out for summer and I find myself with some downtime on my hands. I still get Warhammer online news letters periodically and I figure while I have the time I'll pay my old MMO friend a visit and see how things are going almost 3 years after launch.

If any of you find folks still play WAR, or have some fond memories and feel like taking the plunge one more time, let me know. I'll be chronicling my return in this series of blogs.

Fuck....I stayed up late for this E3 Bombcast.....