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Posted by rmanthorp

Brawl 2?

Posted by a5ehren

Good to know the Wii isn't completely dead...

Posted by rmanthorp

Man with they would just get onto the WiiU before the next gen moves on!

Posted by JackSukeru

Wasn't there a new Kirby in the works? Might be that.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

I'd rather Nintendo just focus on Wii U in making that the best experience for fans and new comers. When Skyward Sword gets released for Wii I want the Wii U Legend of Zelda full steam into development. Hopefully it can look just as good as that tech demo they showed.

Posted by paulunga

Considering the WiiU will be backwards-compatible, why not?

Posted by AndrewB
@528seven said:

"Skyward Sword is the end of Link on the Wii Sports platform, but not Wii games."


That was awkwardly phrased, but it made sense.
Posted by Eyz

“At the very least, Skyward Sword, obviously, is celebrating 25 years of Zelda, and in that sense I’d like to make it the kind of title that we could close the Wii chapter. I want to make it that kind of game. That’s my own personal goal, at least.”

It's not the the game you're using to close the wii chapter...it's the only Zelda the Wii will have!
Posted by DeF

@spankingaddict said:

I hope they're working on Pikmin 3.

miyamoto confirmed during the roundtable that it's been moved to Wii U and is coming "sooner than you might think". good move, I say!

when they refer to "unannounced games" they probably mean niche-titles like Xenoblade, Last Story and Pandora's Tower. those are done (and all are released in japan already) and very likely candidates (since Xenoblade is already scheduled for september in europe)

Posted by MeatSim

Good on them for not abandoning the platform now.

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"Skyward Sword is the end of Link on the Wii Sports platform, but not Wii games."


Posted by spankingaddict
@Upfish: Fantastic!
That's all I needed to hear. Nintendo wins :)
Posted by activatetheasset

I remember when the Wii was released how Nintendo seemed to drop the Gamecube almost instantly. I think the same thing will happen to the Wii; it definitely seems to be on it's last lap.

Posted by McShank

ps2's are still being made while the ps3 has been out for years.. the wii sold a shit ton so i doubt they will drop it once the wii u comes out, maybe a year after but not for a while still.

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Well, I have a Wii, and as a second console when you need to take a break from "real" gaming to do something more light-hearted, it was a good choice, and served it's purpose for the 10 titles or so I actually ever bought for it.

So long, Wii, and thanks for being different.

PS. For the record, Kirby's Epic Yarn, almost 8 months ago, was the last title I bought.

Posted by smileypop


Posted by Xpgamer7

The end is coming, but it's nice to know that the console will go out with a bang, even if there's a few snaps right after.

Posted by Allison

I'd really like to see NOA put out a Xenoblade or 7th Dragon before the Wii and DS, respectively, lose all Nintendo support in turn for their new consoles, but I know they won't. I'm really glad Nintendo of Europe will at least put out Xenoblade but that's it tops.

What is stopping NOA from translating good games? You guys have enough money to make new consoles, put some good games on top of the Wii's coffin and let it rest in peace. :(

Posted by mbradley1992

They listed all of the upcoming Wii games on the Nintendo E3 page. They confirmed Kirby is coming this fall, along with a trailer.

Posted by Upfish

@spankingaddict: Patrick confirmed on Twitter that Pikmin 3 was coming to the Wii U.

Posted by Claude

I had a great time with my Wii. But alas, its time has come. I will venture back and play some games I missed, but I'm looking forward to Skyward Sword and not much else as far as future releases go.

If this be the case, next year will not only suck for the Wii, but be a juggernaut of death. At least developers putting out shovelware will be happy to know that WiiU will handle their shovelware in kind. The joys of gaming will continue unhindered.

Posted by nick_verissimo

It might not be the last great game on the Wii, but it'll definitely be one of, if not, the last with mass appeal.

Posted by electricfuzz9

either way, Nintendo didn't do a very good job of hyping the Wii at their press conference. Sure, a new console will be out next year sometime, but there's still the holiday season to look forward to, and outside of zelda, there doesn't seem to be anything coming out during that time period. This is extremely depressing for me, since i was considering getting a Wii to play the new zelda, and if there isn't anything else coming out around that time, i doubt i will purchase one.

the only thing that might entice me to buy a wii is another price drop, and even then, i'll only be picking up old games.

Posted by Dixavd

Liklihood is they are developing a few games to bridge the gap between Wii and WiiU - for instance the PS2 still came out with a version of nearly every PS3 game released for a year or two after the PS3 launched and in fact is (oddly) still getting games coming out for it, albiet very niche games.
I think there will be a few games coming for the wii simpley because they will work for the WiiU even after the WiiU gets out properly simply because of how many people have wiimotes and nunchucks although not near as many games and the PS2 got after PS3's launch.

Posted by spankingaddict

I hope they're working on Pikmin 3.

Posted by FateOfNever

It's really weird to me to think of the fact that only one Zelda game was ever designed solely for the Wii during its life time.

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Well yeah, they announced another Kirby Wii game a few months ago. I can even imagine that taking a similar route to Kirby's Dream Land 3, being released after the next console's launch. There will still be Wii games coming for a while: they just won't carry the new flash the media craves.

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exciteting to know a zelda game began and will end the era of the original wii

Posted by patrickklepek
Skyward Sword is the end of Link on the Wii Sports platform, but not Wii games.

Nintendo was not answering questions about Wii U during a roundtable discussion this evening with designer Shigeru Miyamoto and other Nintendo developers. Still, someone managed to ask about Nintendo’s plans for the future in a roundabout way, asking whether The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was Nintendo’s last Wii game.

“I feel one of my biggest responsibilities is to always be developing for the newest and the upcoming platforms,” said Miyamoto. “So from my team’s perspective, it’s maybe not the last but perhaps one of the last that will be coming specifically from our time.”

“Despite that,” he continued, “there are a number of different developers inside and outside Nintendo that are working on Wii titles. And we actually have some Wii titles that we have not announced at the show that are on the way.”

Sadly, Miyamoto did not reveal what any of those other Wii games are.

Whether or not Skyward Sword is or isn’t the last game matters less to Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma, as it’s likely to be his last Zelda game for the Wii.

“At the very least, Skyward Sword, obviously, is celebrating 25 years of Zelda, and in that sense I’d like to make it the kind of title that we could close the Wii chapter. I want to make it that kind of game. That’s my own personal goal, at least.”