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Posted by SeriouslyNow

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@haggis said:

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Very poor attempt at avoiding reality for a third time. Extremely poor attempt at attacking my maturity too. Reality is. Your argument isn't. It's really THAT FUCKING SIMPLE.
You're not even making sense. Willing my opinion to go away isn't an argument. It's childish. But then, that's par for the course in my interactions with you on these forums. Here's some reality: my experiences on PSN were largely the same as on Xbox Live when it came to disruptive users. Deny it if you want, but you'll be denying reality. When you prove it wasn't true of my experiences, then come back and chat. I'm not making any earth-shattering claims here: make of it what you will. I expect more proof than a reference to a YouTube video.

You're sidestepping one of the most popular franchises on XBOX Live, nay online, to justify your opinion. As I said you can't just said supplant your blinkered view of reality and call it reality just to justify your opinion.

What in the hell are you talking about? "Sidestepping one of the most popular franchises"? I'm not giving an opinion, SeriouslyNow. I only said that I experienced the same level of disruption on both services in the games I played. I made no other claims. I already said that I have no opinion about which service was worst in this regard, only that in my experience I didn't see it go one way or the other. I have no idea what you're on about.

EDIT: You clearly think I'm saying something that I'm not. Go back and read what I wrote.

I haven't found Live to be any worse that PSN, but then I never played Halo online.

It's not relevant whether you've played it or not (which btw is probably utter bullshit - everyone has played Halo on a XBOX or 360 at some point) - the fact remains that it's one of the consistently played games online period and HALO KID is reflective of its community. You are supplanting some distorted view of reality with what's really going on to support some baseless argument.

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@haggis said:
@MideonNViscera: Yeah, I don't know why I keep going on like this with him. I ought to just ignore it.
He'll just show up again sometime down the road though. He has some weird knack for sucking you into a huge debate over something insignificant, and acting as if the fate of the universe depends on it.


Posted by Trace

From the looks of things, nothing new is being discussed here as the arguments from both sides are getting repetitive, and what isn't repetitive is beginning to turn into a bit of a flame-fest.

Regardless, there's no need for this discussion to continue at this point. Better to stem this off then let it degenerate into full-on flaming and console fanboyism.