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Posted by XTraFries


Yeah, I remember hearing about that when it happened. That's why I was so surprised when my mid-level Orc at level 18 was surrounded by others in their low 20s playing the RvR in that tier.

When I was fucking around with a new character, getting into scenarios happened almost instantly because of the free forever trial. Not the case in tier 2, but that might also be because everyone is doing the RvR stuff.

Granted, I'm sure it won't always be that way, but when I played today there seemed to be plenty of people doing the RvR and having a hell of a time.

Posted by Kombat

The unfortunate thing is that Warhammer has this unlimited free trial now that lets you get to level 10 and stay there, continuing to play for free. This means that the low level RvR and high level RvR is bustling, while the mid-level is completely desolate.

It makes moving up through the levels a chore, eventually.

Posted by XTraFries

I decided to return to Warhammer Online after a significant absence to see how things were holding up. I haven't had this game on my computer in almost 2 years, so I've forgotten pretty much everything about it, other than I really liked it.

After a few hours I'm remembering why I was so into it when it came out.

I recovered my account and was surprised to find 6 characters waiting for me, making me feel bad that I left them to collect virtual dust for so long. The top leveled characters were a Dwarf engineer by the name of Dougar, and an axe-wielding Orc, Gra. Both were level 18, which meant nothing to me because I have no idea what the level cap for this game is/was. I loaded up the Dwarf to find.....a lot of shit I didn't know. I'm assuming the game has had some kind of massive changes, because 3 popups came up to tell me that my various stats/abilities/UI had been reset.

I figured it'd be a bit less overwhelming to start up a new character so I could remember what everything was.

I made a Zealot, which is the healer of the Chaos...race? They're corrupted humans, I'm guessing, since they have a lot of blue and purple fire and crazy ravens everywhere. I start busting around in the starter area and it all starts coming back to me.

Turns out, you right click on things to kill them, then click them again to get money.

Once I got that down I loaded up my higher level Orc character and found myself in a mass of other players, all running together and communicating, organizing, and taking down objectives. I had also forgotten about the whole RvR thing, which is basically standard territory capture on a massive scale. Hundreds of players communicating which objective to go to next, where reinforcements were coming from, and all seeming to have a really fun time.

It was an experience I had almost completely forgotten about, and it's not something I've seen in any other game (especially an MMO).

I'll make another post once I've gotten a bit more comfortable with the controls and mechanics of everything.

If any of you Giant Bomb folks play or feel like dusting off Warhammer and joining me on this MMO rediscovery, feel free.