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So, I am a huge fan of Tetsuya Mizuguchi. Rez is the game that made me realize that games could be more than shooting dudes, jumping on goombas' heads, or scoring goals. Naturally, as an aspiring indie game designer, I freaked out at the opportunity to enter a game in a contest being judged by him over at Kongregate. 
I've spent the past month working on this game and it'll be available on the iOS App Store basically as fast as Apple will approve it. Check it out free on Kongregate; it's called 'foggy fields' and is best enjoyed with headphones. I hope you like it!
Click here to play!
Please rate it highly and tell everybody you know about it! :D

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Hey giant buddies: 
I really need your help on this one. The game needs 75 ratings to be eligible for the contest and, for some reason, hundreds of plays have resulted in less than the 75 rating minimum. 
I'm not some carpetbagger coming in here and trying to take advantage of you guys. I've got more than 500 posts, I'm level 22, and I've got more than 7,000 wiki points. I know you guys like to play games, and I know that at least 87.5% of you can afford to play a free game. 
This contest is really important to me and I think this is the most enjoyable game I've made so far. Please, please, please play it and rate it. 
Thanks, duders!

Posted by BraveToaster

I'll check it out later this weekend.