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Posted by Optix12

Was that Tak Fujii at 3:05?

Posted by TheHT

Fucking yeah man! The creepy guy's still hilarious. Ryan looks a bit disturbed by it. Shit, I would be too.

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the creeper dude behind Ryan was obviously a drug dealer, notice how he approaches once ryan says 'whatever your selling, im into it' lulz

Posted by PixelSoldier

Well thanks to the subscriber exclusive end-of-the-month call-in show, I now know the truth behind the "Atari t-shirt, blazer-wearin' guy" and Ryan Davis eye-lock. It's a little... anti-climactic? But it doesn't make the moment in the video any-less hilarious.

Posted by Dberg

I really liked the editing on this clip.

Posted by Ramon_Coda

Isn't this the guy that scary guy ?

Posted by foamingmilk

Did anyone else notice Tobuscus?

Posted by Natalia

No one cares about the stupid glee cheerleaders. Hee. X3

Posted by Griddler

Toby Turner! XD

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Posted by PK_FIRE

RUN RYAN DAVIES!!!! The man was obviously a hitman. He was just marking his target. RUN FOR MEXICO!

Posted by n0nametaz
@Roddykat: hahahahaahaha
Posted by n0nametaz

What was with that guy!!!!!!!!!! hahahaahahahaha that was so funny!

Posted by Roddykat

Creeper guy has on an Atari shirt. Did Ryan give a bad review to one of their games that dude worked on?

The plot thickens...

Posted by darkjester74

Makerbot music during the PS3 bits....WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!?!?!?!

Posted by Baconbot

@arcn: Oh thank god I am not the only one.

Posted by Mumrik

This is the third time I go load this video up just to watch the showdown with the staring guy...

Posted by pancakemaster

OMG that person in the cardboard box looks like me!! Its freaky

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This video is full of amazing edits. Just beautiful. Great job Jeremy.

Posted by popmasterruler

@ 17:17 Jeff should be a DJ on the side.

Posted by BeautifulSpaceCowboy

Hands down, the best E3 coverage available in the world.

Posted by JakJ

Why the "02"? Last I checked, the length of E3 could be measured in the single digits. +5 to anyone who understands this post.

Posted by Pop

derp, I didn't realize that was Toby Turner dancing, although I was wondering where I knew the dance :D. Man that creepy dude is fucking creepy, I like the sad face Ryan makes after he sees that dude, it's like he was mindcontrolled :D.

Posted by Pop
@benpicko: WHERE??
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Posted by SJSchmidt93

Is there gonna be a Day 03 video?

Posted by UnreliableNarrator


Posted by nnotdead

10:30-11:00  is too fucking funny. text text tex, look right, look left, look right, look left, nod yes, and look right. hahaha :D

Posted by SweatpantsSoul

For second, I thought we were getting ready to see some serious face and neck stabbing from a man who clearly likes to stab people in the face and neck. Uh uh uh uh...like that.

Posted by SUPES316UK

Haha Ryan's reaction to that dodgy bloke was priceless, a total WTF moment! 
Airwolf making an appearance also awesome. 
Posted by n00b_g4m3r

i don't know if anyone already mentioned this, but, TOBUSCUS at 00:37!

Posted by DaveMoshi

What's the opening song? Anyone know? Me like.

Posted by dcgc
@Sheetsy77 said:

Fucken awesome editing!

Posted by lamzor

i love the editing in this videos :)

Posted by arcn

The Wire has taught me to expect horrible things when someone walks up behind you like that.

Posted by tobydammit

Also, please get some rest Ryan. You've got a thousand yard stare going in this video.

Posted by tobydammit

Seriously, some of the greatest editing ever! The JFK/Zapruder-style treatment of the creepy peeker was amazing. Keep it up, Vinny!

Posted by shway

creeper is a creeper and Ryan fucking ready to fuck him up something fierce 

Posted by aidros

Great recap guys. best coverage on the web in my opinion. STRAP IT ON

Posted by Potter9156

What is the story of the creepy guy? Must be something.

Posted by shway

glee girls knew what they said yes to

Posted by Agent47

I felt bad for those Glee girls.

Posted by benpicko


Posted by foggel

hahaha that was random

Posted by linus_south
@mortal_sb said:
MAN. Ryan looked fucking READY to kill that guy. When you pause at just the right moment:
FUCKING SHIT! that is funny and awesome. "they forgot about one thing, TASWELL!" 
Posted by FrakesFace

This will probably go unanswered, but anyone have a clue what that music is at the 8:00 minute mark is?

Posted by totallyfugazi

That guy was staring into your SOUL !!

Posted by aspaceinvader

looked like that guy was giving jeff the evil eyes

Posted by Dallas_Raines

Cosplay? Ugh.