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Edited by ZanzibarBreeze

We're back. It's fitting that our tenth episode puts the cap on the 1UP Yours saga. This Year has previously made best-of shows for the 2006 and 2007 years of 1UP Yours. Now it's time for the final year. Here's Garnett Lee. Here's Shane Bettenhausen. Here's Shawn Elliott, John Davison, Andrew Pfister, and Bryan Intihar. Here's the entire 1UP network with its best and brightest. Here's, for many, the greatest gaming podcast of all time, at its finest.
The recap is in two parts. Find out why this show is revered by many as the greatest gaming podcast of all time:  download the first part of the recap here, and  the second part here.
You should subscribe to our RSS feed! We'll be covering either the Giant Bombcast or GFW Radio next (more on that in a second) so hook onto that so you don't miss upcoming episodes. You can also follow us on Twitter or like us on the Facebook.

Part 1
0:02:30 - Whatcha' Been Playin'?
1:29:30 - Message board posts; Four Minute Warning
2:44:30 - News
3:38:40 - Gag reel

Part 2
0:00:30 - Holiday stories
0:37:00 - GameStop and digital distribution
0:56:30 - Denis Dyack in studio
1:55:30 - Departures
2:11:30 - Finale

Two important points

First, we're doing a top 40 show for 1UP Yours voted on by you, the listener. We'd like to invite you to vote for your favorite moments. Secondly, we're leaving it up to you guys to choose which recap you want next -- Giant Bombcast (2008), or GFW Radio (2006). Vote for that here.
Thanks for listening! You guys are awesome. The response to these things has been incredible.
Posted by JoeyIA

I loved 1UP when it had Luke Smith & Shane Bettenhausen, back when the 360 was new and like, 1 game came out every month so that's what everyone was playing.   I miss people complaining about horse armor :(

Posted by macot79
@JoeyIA: Amen to that...
Posted by Zero_

I wanna thank you for all this work you've done dude. I imagine it would've taken a shit ton of time - something that I had none of when I wanted to do something similar with the 1UP podcasts. Cheers.

Edited by BBQBram

Awesome! Thanks for making these, been listening since the first one. Especially like these 1UP ones, Shane Bettenhausen for the masses!

Edit: Listening to the 2nd 1UP recap, Shane just predicted a new Xbox for fall 2010! Dear god, how wrong he was.

Posted by Monk

I'm voting for GFW. I've listened less to GFW and was unfortunate to start listening to it when it was in its final days.

Posted by ThePickle

Files are titled "HotSpot 2008." Just a warning! Great stuff as always.

Posted by ZanzibarBreeze
@HandsomeDevil said:

Files are titled "HotSpot 2008." Just a warning! Great stuff as always.

Wow. That was a totally atrocious mistake on my part. :(
Posted by X19

Is there anyway to convince my ipod that these are like podcasts so I don't keep losing my place?

Edited by GPink

@X19: Copy the URL from the RSS Feed page, and head to the podcasts section in iTunes. Click Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast, and paste the URL. The podcast should appear and you'll be able to transfer them as podcasts to your iPod.

As far as the podcast goes, thanks very much ZanzibarBreeze for bringing these out. Especially at such a regular pace. It's great having these for memories, as well as having them as introductory manageable chunks of podcast I can give to my friends. Looking forward to the next one!

Posted by X19
@garrettpinkney: Fantastic thank you.
Posted by RecSpec

@garrettpinkney: Holy crap, didn't know I could do this, thanks.

Posted by sins_of_mosin

I usually don't bother with podcasts but I will give this a go.

Posted by Forcen

I feel like I should give this a listen now, even though I never listened back in the day.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

Maybe people should uninstall Ad Block if they really care about the sites they visit because with it installed you are pretty much pirating the internet.