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Posted by innacces14

I still get chills when the crowd "Ooooo"s to Captain MacMillan popping up in the COD4 demo.

Posted by burtless

i dunno, this year's e3 was kind of boring.  I wanted to go back and watch the older press conferences.

Posted by TheHT

Cool, thanks!

Edited by DrDarkStryfe

This was the first year G4 showed the press conferences, and had commercials throughout it. I still remember them cutting to a commercial right when Halo 3 was about to be shown, and Sessler was flipping out behind the camera because of it.

Posted by spiceninja

Why did you.....I don't even....

Posted by JJOR64

I remember watching this one live.  It was the year where everything was in separate buildings instead of one big convention center right?  Also remember the Microsoft Press Conference being outside.

Posted by zombie2011

Why did you do this?

Posted by burtless

Here's a breakdown of Microsoft's E3 2007 Press Conference.. 
Previous Microsoft E3 Press Conferences: 

Watch the entire press conference here: 
  • Gamespot (1 video) - length: 86 min 29 seconds, bad audio quality
  • Date: July 10, 2007
  • Time: 8:30 pm PDT
  • Host:  Peter Moore
  • Location: Santa Monica High School Auditorium (outdoors)

The Press Conference: