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Posted by patrickklepek
This is not Dragon Quest X because Square Enix hasn't properly unveiled Dragon Quest X yet.

Now that Nintendo's unveiled plans for its next console, don't be surprised see companies reconsidering releases on the existing Wii. Andriasang is reporting that Square Enix is currently considering adding "support" for Wii U to Dragon Quest X.

Shigeru Miyamoto has been developing a new Pikmin game for years, the result of intense fan demand for a proper sequel, and then revealed at E3 that project has officially begun moving onto Wii U.

There's a stark difference between what Miyamoto's doing and what Square Enix is proposing, though. "Support" for Wii U could be nothing more than some light Wii U hooks inside of Dragon Quest X, rather than taking what's been worked on for Wii and completely upgrading for Wii U. It's also possible that Square Enix could be considering a separate, Wii U-enhanced release in 2012.

As Andriasang points out, it's impossible to say what Square Enix could pull off, as it's unclear whether Wii discs could even support Wii U. Companies haven't had development kits for very long, and considering the launch isn't until at least summer of next year, much can change.

Posted by adambyrney


Posted by Jay_Ray

damn you beat me, but DQX looks alright

Posted by Nomin

Dragon Quest U

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Glad to hear anything about this game. Not being tied to Wiimote controls would be great.
Posted by inevitabledoubt

I want new Dragon Quest placed inside my eye receptacles.

Posted by GalacticPunt

I've put over 200 hours into Dragon Quest IX the past year, and my playtime has just started tapering off the past couple months. My body is ready for Dragon Quest X, regardless of platform.

Posted by TadThuggish

Pretty sure Dragon Quest X qualifies as vaporware.

Posted by Piranesi

There is a lot of potential for the Wii U controller (as a strategy playmaker, inventory screen, map, dungeon master board) but 3rd parties really have to make the best of it and create unique game mechanics.

We don't want to go through another generation of games where it is just a bullet point - it has to be integral and relevant. DQX will be a huge game, hopefully Square Enix will take the technology seriously and not just put out a prettier rehash of the other titles.

With the parity between the systems, Nintendo stands alone with its vision and talent for putting out new ideas and experiences for broad audiences. We have to except that sometimes it may not be created for us.

Posted by Nexas

If Dragon Quest X were a Wii U launch title, all of Japan would buy that thing.

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

@SuperfluousMoniker: Classic Controller support!! I hope. ):

Posted by gorkamorkaorka

I don't understand what people see in these games.

Posted by Roldan

Just port it over to the Wii U and have it be a launch title. It'll probably boost the sales 200%.

Posted by Dan_CiTi
@TadThuggish said:

Pretty sure Dragon Quest X qualifies as vaporware.

Why? They just made 9 didn't they? I think they just wanted to do each game one at a time, do them well/correctly and space them out regardless of platform (i.e. not releasing 10 right after 9 just because 9 is portable so it doesn't "count" or something). And 8 came out towards the end of the PS2 cycle (2005). I think the series is doing fine. 
Posted by krabboss

I'm just happy to see that this game isn't dead. We haven't heard anything about it for a long time.

Posted by PKHilson


Posted by Faint

I wish DQX was on PS3. My favourite DQ is 8 on the PS2.

Posted by Amerist

Oh gods. Must. Not. Drool. ξ

Posted by Dork_Metamorphosis

I'll just be happy it's back on a console.

Posted by PenguinDust

DQX would be a system seller for me.  Probably the only one currently associated to Nintendo platforms.  I'd prefer it on the Vita since I really want one of those, but would also accept it on the 3DS.  I'm not sold on the Wii U yet, but this game could sway me to take the plunge provided its as fully realized as DQIX was on the DS.   However, I won't be buying a Wii for the game.  As it stands today, I see potential in the Wii U, while I am not interested in owning a Wii at all.   Only time will tell how this all plays out, of course.

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@Roldan said:

Just port it over to the Wii U and have it be a launch title. It'll probably boost the sales 200%.

It probably doesn't work like that.
The game is much more likely to sell on a system with an audience of like 80 million people, instead of one of literally zero.
@TadThuggish said:

Pretty sure Dragon Quest X qualifies as vaporware.

Why? DQ9 just came out.
Posted by buft

Im still playing 9 on my 3DS, its a pretty good series and definitely a system seller for me personally.

Posted by Xpgamer7

Not going to buy it for Wii U support, but I could go for a new Pikmin.

Posted by Gold Dust Boi
@SuperfluousMoniker said:
Glad to hear anything about this game. Not being tied to Wiimote controls would be great.
Agreed! I'm just happy to hear this game is soon to exist.
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I never did finish Dragon Quest 8.