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Posted by Sweep

I remain cautiously optimistic having found the demo to be pretty enjoyable but I just know there's going to be some bullshit warehog or something fucking everything up. I just know it.

Posted by Vitor

@Kibblez said:

Just replace Sonic 4 with Generations.

Dammit - I came to this thread with the specific intention of posting this vid... Beat me to it :|

Posted by laserbolts
They should just end it already. Sonic should fucking die.
Posted by DEMONOLOGY_24

Guys I hate to tell ya...sonics dead...hes been dead for awile so rememmber that
Posted by GuyIncognito

Cute Sonic > Douchebag Sonic.

Posted by harinosho

the demo didn't impress me, felt like that sonic fan remix deal..just.. with less stuff (if that makes sense) also..why is there a time limit on how many times you play the demo?

Posted by HistoryInRust

I think this game, like most Sonic games, sounds good in concept. But fuck. When you get moving with momentum as Classic Sonic, you basically lose all sense of what the fuck you're looking at. Enemies, jumps, whatever. It's just a shitty blur of hyper-saturated colors.

I don't understand why no one at Sega can get this right.

Posted by ThePhantomnaut

@IBurningStar said:

I played it and thought the camera and visual presentation was terrible. I constantly lost track of Sonic. The background and foreground constantly played tricks on my eyes as well. Something about the depth created blind spots almost. I just wouldn't see or notice things and don't know why.

Exactly. For a series that once ran at 60 fps... Now you decrease it to half and put almost non existent motion blur that acts as a double edge sword... Where the fuck is Yuji Naka?!

Posted by IBurningStar

I played it and thought the camera and visual presentation was terrible. I constantly lost track of Sonic. The background and foreground constantly played tricks on my eyes as well. Something about the depth created blind spots almost. I just wouldn't see or notice things and don't know why.

Posted by punkxblaze
@GoldenGlove said:
@JoeyRavn said:

live and learn.

Thank GOD someone caught that.
Anyway, no one seems to have noticed because we're all too busy whining about how Sega shit on our memories or, in the press' case, making fun, but there's been a marked increase in quality since Sonic shit the bed hard in 2006.
Unleashed was better than 2006 (Though, what isn't?), Colors followed the trend and improved even further, Sonic 4 wasn't great, but it also wasn't terrible (And it also wasn't strictly developed by Sonic Team, it was developed by Dimps, who did the Sonic Advance/Rush games), and Generations is showing a lot of promise. Ignoring shitty spin offs (Here's lookin' at you, Sonic Free Riders!), it's plausible to believe they're actually putting some effort into fixing the series now. Which makes sense, because they pretty much shitcanned a lot of Sonic Team after 06 going into Unleashed.
Posted by ThePhantomnaut

It runs at 30 fps... Actually it looks like 25 when I think of it.

Posted by kalmis

Sonic Colors was a good game I agree. I also kind of like Episode 4 so I might be biased. It is no Sonic 2, but still manages to tingle a retro nerve here.

Didn't know that the Generations demo was out already. As long the Casino Zone is the full game I am happy.

Posted by TheHBK

But the game will still suck.  Because you have half the game playing as "modern sonic".  I like what I played from this demo, the way it played is what Sonic 4 should have been.  The feel, the graphics, well maybe with the clarity of Sonic 4 because this game looks a little fuzzy.  But the running and jumping felt right.  But then you watch the stuff from the Modern Sonic portion, ugh, retarded.  The music is crappy too and looks like you are just pressing forward yet again and hitting the homing button to get to springs and kill enemies.

Posted by GoldenGlove
@JoeyRavn said:

live and learn.

Posted by LiquidPrince

Yeah, it was pretty cool.

Posted by Clubvodka

I liked the demo and yes 2D Sonic rocks but I'm interested to see what they do with 3D Sonic, I fucking loved Sonic Adventure 2. I agree with the camera, maybe I was just tired at the time but it took me a while to get used to looking at Sonic move on screen.

Posted by JoeyRavn

@DevWil said:

@JoeyRavn: speed, style, and acceptable platformer action. but mostly just style.

I think that's my problem with the original Sonic games: they were way too fast. I've always felt I wasn't doing anything at all, except for pushing Right on the D-Pad and, from time to time, jumping. I'm not saying they were bad games, but I just can't see why everyone praises them so much. On the other hand, I can totally see where the criticism for the newer ones comes from, though.

Posted by DevWil
@JoeyRavn: speed, style, and acceptable platformer action. but mostly just style.
Edited by JoeyRavn

I never understood what made the first Sonic so great in the first place, but I've learned through experience not to get excited for any game that has "Sonic" in its name. Wait and see, live and learn.

Posted by BombKareshi

I agree with the sentiment of "Say No to Druggie Sonic!"
Don't. Spoil. My. Memories.

Posted by MysteriousBob
@Kibblez: Stop posting that fucking video because Sonic Colours was pretty good. 
@Tebbit: Again, just skip Sonic 4 and play Colours. Its not fantastic, but its the sole example of a good modern Sonic game. 
Posted by Tebbit

Yeah Chemical Plant Zone!

I think I'm in the same boat as you. I was wronged by Sonic 4, wronged real bad, but Generations (at least from the demo) plays like a good game. I'm hoping that they can continue that trend throughout the rest of the game.

Posted by DevWil
@Kibblez: yeah, but i actually played this. and i'm not really looking forward to buying it, i'm just looking forward to finding out if it's better than sonic 4. 
and, for the record: sonic colors is something people liked last year. the franchise isn't 100% in the toilet. i mean, you can still buy Sonic 2 on XBLA. that's gotta count for at least 0.1% non-garbage-iness
Edited by Kibblez


  Just replace Sonic 4 with Generations.
Posted by blueaniman93

I played the demo and I had never really liked Sonic all that much but I was impressed. It's still weird how it specifically says that it will only be playable for 20 days.

Posted by DevWil

So, I saw on Twitter that SEGA is doing a weird thing. They're putting out a demo for Sonic Generations on XBLA/PSN for 20 days. 
I've downloaded and played said demo. It's Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog.
Now, I grew up playing a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic 2. Sonic is etched into my most nostalgic of nostalgia centers in my brain. 

 Hey buddy!!
But not that creepy, green-eyed Sonic. I don't know him and I don't want to know him. Not really. The Sonic in my heart has black eyes and a bit of a gut on him. So, you can imagine how broken my brain was for a minute there when SEGA put out the reveal trailer for Sonic Generations and both Sonics were in the same place at the same time. I'm not a moron, though, so I assumed the game would be dumb, awful, and that it would unrepentantly piss on my memories.   
I'm not sure anymore. I played the demo and it's...interesting. It's definitely worth checking out. Unlike the hot mess that was Sonic the Hedgehog 4, it actually plays like classic Sonic. The experience was definitely a little strange too, though. The updated version of Green Hill Zone doesn't feel totally familiar. There are a lot of little things that are kind of off-putting about it, including how they don't let you re-enter the screen after you spin the sign at the end of the level. I mean, come on. Jumping around after you beat a level is the best part of Sonic! Okay, maybe not, but there are little inaccuracies like that that made it feel a little crazy. Sonic also doesn't take up the entire width of the snake-like tunnels in the level. What?
There's also the issue of the camera. Maybe my eyes suck, but I had a hard time tracking Sonic on the screen when he would move quickly and most of the screen is green (this is really an issue at the very beginning of the level). This isn't a problem on the Genesis, but when you have a polygonal game, perspective, parallax, colors, and shadows are a bit more nuanced than with strictly two-dimensional games. Sonic just doesn't seem to pop out of the screen as much.
If you played a lot of Sonic and have any affection for him in his black-eyed form, you really should play this demo. I don't think it'll sell you on the game, but it's something you should experience. It definitely has me looking forward to seeing what this game is (even if it might be middling), especially if it has Chemical Plant Zone. Don't even act like that level's music isn't in your top ten video game songs of all time.