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Posted by cassus

This game looks great. I thought this was a PSP exclusive for some reason. Gonna get me sumadis.

Posted by vinsanityv22

I found the demo wicked boring. But, then again, I was solo-ing it. If this had come out a few years ago, when I was still in college and still had roommates, I probably would've seen more value in it. It seems like a well-made top-down dual stick shooter, with some great looking visuals  (especially for a $9 DLG). But it's just too boring as a solo experience. Still looking forward to Space Marine though.
Also, totally random; the visuals in some places remind me of the aesthetic from that old Midway fighting game for N64, BIO F.R.E.A.K.S. Not really sure why, but it totally did.

Posted by drew327

Looks like the G.I. Joe game

Posted by TheVampireBoy

i loved that "if i hit LB it goes in to holey shit mode."  
i have now renamed my LB button to holey shit mode.

Posted by vonFlampanker

The more I see these dual-stick shooters done really well, the more I want a Smash TV comeback.

I was expecting this to be pretty bad but as others have mentioned the lighting and sound and animation combined to pretty cool tactile effect. I'd try this out (though more likely if it were on sale).

Posted by Jasta
Posted by teh_destroyer

If I just listened to it instead of watching the video I would think that this was Bullet Storm they were playing.

Posted by unholyone123

If it's green...LIGHT SABER ON!!!

Posted by MachoFantastico

This looks awesome, love the 40k Universe.

Might have to pick this up.

Posted by Brodehouse

@Mattimeo said:

I liked the part where Brad chose a chainsword character, decided to forgo his chainsword, then complained about the ineffectiveness of his gun.

Posted by fisk0

@ShoddyGo said:

wow this is a complete re-skin of alien swarm

Which was pretty much identical to Alien Breed and Shadowgrounds. I get much more of a Snowblind studios' console ARPG vibe from this, something in the style of the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel games.

I did get some heavy deja vu of something I played in the mid or late 90s though, but can't quite figure out what it was, someone else mentioned Apocalypse for PSX, which seems close, but I think the one I remember was PC or high-end Amiga.

Posted by Perdido

I liked the quick look, sure I yelled at the screen about some obvious stuff going on, but hey they still lived through it and were able to show off the game.

Posted by Perdido

Picked this up day one, Love it so far, although there are a few camera glitches here and there that bug me.

Posted by Soviut
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Stopping action just before the good stuff starts constantly to tell you everything you need to know even if you know it or not: The worst of learn by doing and learn before doing.
Lighting looks good.

Posted by tjohn86

Bought. Local coop needs to be in more games.

Posted by Dberg

I like 40K as much as the next guy, but if they're gonna recycle all the assets from Dawn of War 2, at least make something interesting. This has low effort all over it.

Posted by Xealot42

@Fattony12000: Yeah one of my friends introduced me to 40k novels with the Eisenhorn Omnibus and I immediately picked up Gaunt's Ghosts and Ravenor when I finished. I really need to start on the Horus Heresy books!

Posted by EightBitShik

@SoulEdgeSlayer: I have no problem with it I would just prefer that they did both. My gamer friends won't want to play co op because they don't get their achievements and my GF is only willing to play certain games. I bought this last night so we will see if I can convince her to play it.

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@EightBitShik said:

Once again I am sad about the local co op only feature :(

Really? So many games these days drop local co op in favor of an online only experience that it's kinda ridiculous. Me and my fiancee look for every local co op game that we can find! If possible, what other games are local only?

However, this doesn't mean that they couldn't (or shouldn't) have put it in here.

Posted by dabada

Hmmm...I really like Kill Team. So, I guess I should try Alien Swarm. 
Posted by ShoddyGo

wow this is a complete re-skin of alien swarm

Posted by IonicSquid

I liked the part where Brad chose a chainsword character, decided to forgo his chainsword, then complained about the ineffectiveness of his gun.

Posted by Atilac

If its green, don't leave uncleaned

Posted by Xpgamer7

Seems like a cool game. I've never played 40k, so It's interesting to see one of the games.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

This looks awesome, even if it's 90% recycled from DoW2.

Edited by IClavdivs

As far as Brad and Vinny not understanding the control pad screen that was up for like 5 seconds goes, it was probably pretty hard to read. It was pretty low contrast and I've heard them complain about how shitty their TV is before. This would also explain them standing next to like four power-ups for an hour before picking them up. 
Get a new TV guys!

Posted by eternalshades

The weapon flash were giving me a headache... which is strange because I usually don't have a problem with blinking lights.

Posted by zombie007
@Capt_Ventris said:

Slightly agonising waiting for Brad to figure out that he has a close combat specialist. Though it is the fault of the game for not making this more clear

Yeah, what a dumb game, it is not enough they called character the "vanguard", then put the sword on the characters main hand and rated its chainsword power the highest in both the pickup and lvl up screens. 
Next time it needs an elaborate 20 minute cutscene describing all the uses of the chainsword and every time you use the characters gun the game should cream: "hey idiot, use your SWORD!".
Funny thing is people defending Brad are using the usual excuses of: "he is too busy explaining the game" or "it is too hard to talk and play" yet Vinny totally figured it out before Brad did. Makes me wonder about complaints in his reviews when he can't properly identify a melee character he is playing with and chose specifically for that capacity.
Posted by m0nk3y80y

"I am more gun than man!" Hahaha... great.

Posted by EightBitShik

Once again I am sad about the local co op only feature :(

Posted by NickL

Pick the guy with the big sword -> Complain about the gun power the entire quick look.

Usually i can tolerate Brads complaining, but come on man!

Posted by PenguinDust

I think i understand Vinny's déjà vu:

  1. Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale
  2. Gatling Gears
  3. Ghostbusters Sanctum of Slime
Quick Looks all within the last few months.
Posted by Aarny91

Aww... I thought this was Space Marine.

Posted by EuanDewar

Sure, looks like fun.

Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish

Brad's lack of game-sense continues to entertain and frustrate.

Posted by Jeffsekai

@Tim_the_Corsair said:


@mrangryface said:

Dan Abnett + 40k anything is holy crap awesome. I also like the three Grey Knights books- they're so absurd. A titan that shoots demons from a gun on its arm- you cant beat that. YOU CANT

Dude yes, Dan Abnett is great, Soul Hunter is one of the first books that had me saying 'Holy shit that was amazing."

Soul Hunter is by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, not Dan Abnett :P It's also the only 40k book I have handed to people that don't know the setting, and have had them exclaim that it was awesome (and have gone on to read Blood Reaver, the sequel). Eisenhorn is great, but I found the denseness of the setting is compounded by the first-person POV, as well as the fact that first book throws a lot of shit at you (Inquisition, Chaos, nulls/pariahs, etc). Soul Hunter kind of throws you in as well, but the use of Septimus and Octavia as introductions to the setting is very well done. Honestly, ADB is a fantastic author and a huge inspiration for me, and he's only a youngin too. Heartily recommend Soul Hunter to anyone that enjoys good, dark (very dark) science fiction or fantasy.

Fuck you are right, either way Soul Hunter was amazing. Can't wait to get the 2nd one later next week.

Posted by wrathofconn

@Majkiboy: If you borrow a disc-based game from your brother and play it on your account, you do get achievements. But playing co-op with someone on their copy of a game is a different story, and I don't see why anyone should get achievements for doing that.

Posted by supamon

And they shall know no fear!  
For the emperor!!!

Posted by Majkiboy
@wrathofconn: If you borrow your brothers game then? Or your friends? ...
Posted by dropabombonit

Vinny's orc impressions were spot on

Posted by Anund

@Fattony12000 said:

Check out Dan Abnett's Eisenhorn trilogy, it's a great set of books from a great 40K writer. He gives you a slightly different take on the whole Warhammer universe, as he's dealing with a type of character not often seen in the games.


The first book is a decade old now!

He also did Gaunt's Ghosts, again, he gives you a wild ride with a bunch of non Space Marine guys and gals. The first three books in the series will give you a great taste of what to expect.

http://www.amazon.com/Gaunts-Ghosts-Founding-Dan-Abnett/dp/1844163695/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1310672617&sr=1-1 Dan Abnett is definitely the man to stick with for your first foray into the 40K Black Library. AND THAT GOES FOR THE REST OF YOU!

So true, Dan Abnett is king.

Posted by superstan3

looks alright

Posted by Capt_Ventris

Slightly agonising waiting for Brad to figure out that he has a close combat specialist. Though it is the fault of the game for not making this more clear

Posted by Tondo

Looks suprisigly good for such a stealth realease ! If it only had online CO-OP it would be a must buy for sure.

Posted by Capt_Ventris

@xeno1053 said:

@Mortified_Penguin said:
Love me some 40k. You guys mentioned that you weren't sure where to start with 50k novels. I'd say start with the Ciaphas Cain novels, you can't go wrong with them. Looking forward to Space Marine. May pick this up while I wait for it.
No I'd suggest the first three Horus Heresy books for anyone new to 40k.

Easier then that. If it has Dan Abnett or Graham McNeil on the front get stuck in. Eisenhorn and Ravenor (Abnett) for the feel of 40k universe and The Ultramarine novels (quite partial to those) for a bit Space Marine ass kicking

Posted by craigbo180

The game looks very standard but I am slightly tempted just because it is 40k, if it was 400 points I would snap it up.

Posted by Bollard

I love how Brad is constantly running away... When he is playing a melee character.

Posted by Marz

This game looks fun.

Edited by warmonked

Everyone has made comments about how difficult it is to talk coherently and play at the same time. I assume that's why it always seems like Brad isn't paying attention to anything on the screen.

Gameplay doesn't look that good, but I love the ork body parts flying about as stuff blows up.