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How to Play:  Go to the Quests page. Scroll through the quests and find which quest icon (all done by Turbo_Toaster) is your favorite. Tell me the name of the quest associated with that icon. Be sure to tell me what game you want! You have until Thursday, July 21st to enter.  
How to Play:  Go to the Quests page. Scroll through the quests and find which quest icon (all done by Turbo_Toaster) is your favorite. Tell me the name of the quest associated with that icon. Be sure to tell me what game you want! You have until Thursday, July 21st to enter.  
Quest Page (linking to mine to make it easier) 

On a side note, EpicSteve's internship has ended early as he is leaving for Afghanistan. Check out his blog here and wish him a safe deployment if you haven't yet! 
OK, let's get on with the contest! 

I. Disclaimer

II. Donations

III. Past Winners

Vito's Game Giveaway #27! New Games + Bonus Puzzle Agent Contest Winners
Congratulations to Zealousadonis for winning Cargo! The Quest for Gravity (donated by Little_Socrates)! 
Congratulations to h83r for winning Puzzle Agent (donated by Little_Socrates)!
Congratulations to Sparklykiss for winning Puzzle Agent (donated by rentfn)! Today, the 14th, is her birthday! Happy Birthday!
Bonus Audiosurf Contest!
Anyone that says they want Audiosurf will be entered into the contest separately, increasing their odds of winning.
New Games!
I've received my nineteenth donation! Thanks to TMThomsen for donating his Steam copies of Half-Life, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Ricochet, Deathmatch Classic, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, and Half-Life: Counter-Strike. Due to the nature of this donation, these games will be offered as bundle. Just say you want the "Half-Life Bundle" to make things easier for everyone. =D
I've received my twentieth donation! Thanks to YoungFrey for donating a Steam code for Puzzle Agent.
Available Games (PC)Donated By
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!: A Reckless Disregard for Gravity (Steam GIft)rentfn
Audiosurf (Steam Gift)Kyreo
Audiosurf (Steam Gift)Sjosz
Cogs (Steam Gift)Sjosz
Half-Life Bundle - Half-Life, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Half-Life: Blue Shift, Ricochet, Deathmatch Classic, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Half-Life: Counter-Strike (Steam Gift). See above if you're confused.TMThomsen
Nimbus (Steam Gift)Rockanomics
Portal (Steam Gift)Rockanomics
Portal (Steam Gift)grant742
Puzzle Agent (Steam Code)YoungFrey
The Temple of Elemental Evil: A Classic Greyhawk Adventure (GoG Gift)ArbitraryWater
Toki Tori (Steam Gift)rentfn
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Posted by Video_Game_King

That's a lot of Half-Life I'm too smart to play...again. Still, I do want Puzzle Agent (possibly Audiosurf, but I'm not sure if I could run it), so I'll just say that my favorite is the 775 quest picture, because fuck everybody else.

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Posted by Mento

The one for "3 Celebrities Betting". Ominous.

I'll try for Temple of Elemental Evil again. But that Half-Life bundle is an awesome prize for anyone who doesn't own those games.

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Posted by AjayRaz

probably the "not that brad" quest icon. no idea why, but it makes me chuckle every time. i guess because the eyes are so crazy.  
i'd love some AAaaaAaaAAAaaaAH, please !

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Posted by SilverShadow

I love the "Smell the Glove" quest icon in the "Broken Toys" quest set. Who doesn't love a power glove?! Also, when I had a power glove I actually stopped using it because it just smelled terrible. Gotta love unbreathable materials! 
I would love to get a copy of Puzzle Agent if I win
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Posted by GuardianKnux

I'm gonna go with the not that brad quest. Something about that is just ha-larious. Oh n I'd like the Half-Life Bundle, because a couple of years ago I got a new computer and stopped using steam for a long while. When I picked up playing steam again last year I discovered that while I was gone someone hacked my account and got it banned. Steam said the only way I could recover my account would be to give them the product key of a game I bought on disc. I only ever bought one game on disk and I threw that away years ago. So I got boned and lost about 20 something games ಠ_ಠ I never bought any of the half-lifes again so I need em hahahaha

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Posted by 1337W422102

The "Virtual Insanity" one always makes me laugh.  I think the teeth and shaky eyes are what do it.  That and the extreme close-up.
Could I get Audiosurf if I win?  Thanks a lot, Vito!

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Posted by hockeymask27

The not that brad one. Its so cute. half life bundle.

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Posted by RTSlord

the not that brad one is also pretty good. puzzle agent por favor 

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Posted by benpicko

The Not That Brad one. Portal plox

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Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I really like the Cigarettes and Internal Narration one. It's simple, but it cracks me up nonetheless.

Going for Temple of Elemental Evil again!

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Posted by iam3green

i like on the edge, has somebody with something on their hat.

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Posted by JCTango

3 Celebrities Betting from the 12 Days of Whiskey quest set is my fav icon because it captures the funniest/inexplicable/unexpected moments I've ever experienced in a Giantbomb quicklook :D
Audiosurf for me please! :)

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Posted by Twitchey

I like the Pimp My Profile quest, quite pimpy.
Half Life Bundle please.

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Posted by Xpgamer7
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Posted by strangone

I like Baby You're a Firework. 
Puzzle Agent please.

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Posted by Questionable
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Edited by BeachThunder

Big Brother - it's so ominous :o

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Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

Friend of the State

I'd like Nimbus.

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Virtual Insanity I guess.
The Temple of Elemental Evil: A Classic Greyhawk Adventure

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Touched by God - Great depiction of God's finger
Toki Tori please

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Always found this funny. Talking back with a twist of lime!
Audiosurf Please.

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Posted by Make_Me_Mad

"Counter Surveillance".  It actually took me a minute to realize what it was, and then I was just laughing like an idiot.

I'll go for Audiosurf, because it's probably the only thing on that list I can run!

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Posted by jaresk

Coffee Talk.  I like it's happy face. :D
Half-Life Bundle please.

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Posted by ShaggE

So Murderously Cute. Cats with guns = joy. 
Audiosurf, please.

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Posted by McShank

15 Year Olds with Headsets On - The picture reminds me of little kids screaming at me on ventrilo.. good times.


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Posted by Pop

I like all the Ill communication quest icons they look awesome especially the back-talkin' with a twist of lime one 
I would like Audiosurf

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Posted by lebkin

There Goes A Narwhal. Because I like narwhals. See this song: http://www.weebls-stuff.com/songs/Narwhals/

I'd take Puzzle Agent

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Posted by jkuc316

Fallout Travel Agent
Half Life Bundle Please

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Posted by streetninja

3 Celebrities Betting has got to be my favorite, because of how it reminds me of the Multimedia Celebrity Poker Quick Look. 
I'm trying for Puzzle Agent this time.

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Posted by Aronman789

Forget the Gym, Hit the Bar-B-Q in Summer Jamz! 
Puzzle Agent

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Posted by APayne

Not that brad.  The Temple of Elemental Evil

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Posted by pantzing_nome

I've always enjoyed the picture for wikid addiction and winning the Half-Life Bundle would be amazing.

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Posted by bellmont42

because i think we can all relate to the picture in The Eternal Struggle

 Temple of Elemental Evil :P
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Posted by Cincaid

Got to say one of my favorite icons is from the "Touched by God" quest.

The quest itself? To get a @reply from a moderator! If you agree with me I'd love to get Toki Tori!
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Posted by Rated_R_Superstar
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Follow The Leader


Would love Audiosurf.
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Posted by StarFoxA

My favorite is probably the "Wikid Addiction" icon, since that was one of the easiest quests for me, and accurately portrays what I went through while earning it. I'll play for the Half-Life bundle, I'd love to play the original Half-Life.

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Posted by Amilmitt

I like the Duder its over quest icon, its just so cool.
Half life bundle.

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Posted by baconbringer

I enjoy the Covert Communications icon, it's a phone with sunglasses, what more do you want? I would love to get puzzle agent.

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Posted by BeefyGrandmole

i love cats sooo

So Murderously Cute :)

I would love to be considered for Audiosurf please and thank you.

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Posted by Pickingwings

Favorite picture is the "And a Man Who Should Not Be Making Films" 
Puzzle Agent would be good enough for me.

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One hour left!

Edit: Contest closed! The winners will be PMed and a new contest will begin later today!