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Posted by Dain22

I went and done a thing. Blame Ryan.

I am not the best at making track artwork. 

Update Part 1: Wow! Thanks for all the support and positive response! I'm glad to see so many other people get a kick out of this mashup. It seemed like an inevitable crossover between memes, so I thought I'd give it a shot for a laugh. 
If anyone else is interested in remixing the Black Knight 2000 music, you can download the original music files here.  

Oh, and seeing this on the front page was really cool. Big thanks to Ryan and everyone else responsible:  
What an honor! 

Update Part 2: I have a couple more silly mashups to share, but I need your help before I can share them! Please check out my new blog post for details.
Posted by Thor_Molecules

Absolutely glorious.

Posted by Banzai_NL

I love you. This shit is bananas

Posted by Hutzebraedl

It's... beautiful.

Posted by Thomper

Pretty sure this is the best thing ever.

Posted by Khane

Oh God what did you do?

....why do I like this so much!?!?

Posted by mbkish

HA! Nice.

Posted by TopCat

this is beyond awesome dain22 is a genius!!

Posted by Master_Funk

Wow, that is great work dude

Posted by BaconGames

Here I thought nothing could revive that meme.

Posted by Leviticus128

YES, just yes, that is all :)

Posted by rjayb89


Posted by RTSlord

holy shit this is amazing

Posted by TehJedicake

Jesus christ... This is... incredible.

Posted by Rolyatkcinmai


Posted by Akrid

That was fantastic, great job!

Posted by Valentino

Yeah this is awesome.

Edited by RelentlessKnight


Posted by MGSolid86

This is my new favorite thing.

Posted by xMP44x

This is a masterpiece! It shall be remembered as your Mona Lisa. This needs to become the new podcast intro theme, and it needs to be pumped from the homepage on a constant loop.

Posted by Seraphim84

This is phenomenal

Edited by GlenTennis

@Dain22: Great. Great. Fantastic.

Posted by whistlebottom

No one remix should have all this power!

Posted by Simulacrum

Dear god.

Posted by IamNOTatalkingpony

You know what? 

Posted by AzHP

@whistlebottom said:

No one remix should have all this power!

Posted by MaFoLu

This is amazing!

You have way to much power!

Posted by coakroach

So much love

Posted by fatwreck

The wailing guitars! The digitized laugh! Drum ROLLS! Way to recognize and execute. Love it.

Posted by Milkman


Posted by Caligan

This thing you have done.  It is excellent.

Posted by sagesebas
@Dain22: If that art is yours it's really good
Posted by AjayRaz

wow. wow. it does not get better than this 

Posted by TwilitEnd656

Wh-... What is this...? It is simply... Glorious.

Posted by TheGlitchmaster

Probably the best Summerjam this Summer.

Posted by Dain22
@sagesebas said:
@Dain22: If that art is yours it's really good
I just slapped some text on top of the original artwork from the pinball machine. Nothing special. I threw it together with Photoscape.
Posted by Three0neFive

this thread is bad and everyone in it has failed at being a human being

Posted by ppallo

So True, great work.

Posted by TheHT


Posted by damswedon

I've had it on repeat for like half an hour now.

Posted by SammydesinasNL


Posted by General_D23


Pretty awesome! Great job.

Posted by Eribuster

Damn, this is great. Nice work!

Posted by evildeadron

great job Duder, these are the kinds of things that make the GB community the greatest on the internet....

it's a website where stupid ideas become incredible reality

Posted by subrandom

Now for the flood of mashup videos for this song.

Posted by nikemike99

Hells yes!

Posted by spiceninja

I love it!

Posted by ez123

...HOLY SHIT, great job!

Posted by drowsap

You are a god You should not have all that power

Posted by mak_wikus

This is the best thing ever! Where is the "repeat" button?! Or download or whatever!

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