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Posted by Cathryn

Aaaannnnnd I got an update from my local EB saying that I should be able to pick up my game either tomorrow or Thursday. Not so happy about the Thursday :/

Posted by ckeats

Just got back from my local EB, and it was a no show. The manager was working and as soon as soon as I said "Catherine" she put on the sappiest frown. The other dude working was the guy who sold me the the pre order and was the only other person I've met oin real life who was excited for it, and he was super bummed too.

They said tomorrow it should be in.

Posted by Nux

Don't worry may I can happly say that this game is worth the wait. It really sucks that shit like that happened to you. Hope you get your copy soon.

Posted by OllyOxenFree

I bet Atlus Japan is totally bamboozled at the amount of attention Catherine is getting. Hopefully this will pique their interest on localizing the Persona 4 anime. Give Troy Baker more work!

Posted by MatPaget

Went into EB Games. Didn't have it. 
Walked over to HMV. Had it. 
Went back to EB Games and got my Pre-Order money back. 
Went back to HMV and bought it. 
Went home. Played it. 
Spent $1.75 for the bus both ways.

Posted by Spoonman671
@FluxWaveZ said:
 How the hell does a game that is this anticipated
Posted by MooseyMcMan

I feel like you may be over-estimating demand. 

Posted by mutha3
@Spoonman671 said:
@FluxWaveZ said:
 How the hell does a game that is this anticipated
@MooseyMcMan said:
I feel like you may be over-estimating demand. 
Its been in the top 20 of best sellers on amazon for well over a month now, it is one the most pre-ordered items VG+ ever had, so much so, that they had to start processing the pre-orders a week before the game came out. 
Persona sure as hell never drew this attention.
Posted by CABBAGES

@Cloudenvy said:

I'm not getting mine until the 29th D: stupid Europe!

29th of what ? i havent seen a release date for europe yet ?

@FluxWaveZ said:

This shortage or problem or whatever is also apparently happening in Canada because they didn't manage to think about making enough bilingual documentation before the game was supposed to ship. How did this happen?

See they could release the american one here in the UK without having to put French stuff or any other languages in it !

Posted by Cazamalos

amazon sent me mine the release day but i pre-ordered in march lol 
don't be so mad, that's the way atlus USA works, they  ship low quantitative to create demand and don't lose/need to invest that much money, they aren't EA 

Posted by Cloudenvy


29th of July, I know a shop which imports US releases.

Edited by Asian2Go

Been waiting for my copy from Amazon for about 6 hours. It was out for delivery early this morning and I've been waiting ever since. To scared to do anything because I don't want to miss it,

Needless to say, I'm having a great time over here.

Posted by JoxxOr

Mine is shipped from videogameplus.ca to my home in little sweden, ETA 3 days :,,,(

Posted by JoxxOr

sd@CABBAGES: Some special europe retailers import it and sell it some days after. One of these is the swedish retail store webhallen:

Posted by sixpin

My copy arrived from Amazon today. The Best Buy and the GameStop by my place both have copies in stock. Strangely enough Best Buy has the censored covers.

Posted by FluxWaveZ
Posted by buft
@FluxWaveZ said:
@sixpin said:

Strangely enough Best Buy has the censored covers.

It's not that strange.
I would almost want that censored cover, i actually think it looks better
Posted by RE_Player1

I got my copy today after Gamestop fucked me over. Long story short it took me hours to get to the store due to taking the bus and walking and they didn't have it, I went back home and as soon as I got in I got a call saying they had it so I walked back.

Posted by buft
@XII_Sniper said:

@FluxWaveZ: No sexy pillowcase for you!

Amazon canada is pretty unreliable. Kinda depends what city you live in but it's possible some of the last remaining mom n' pop game shops carry this sort of thing. In Toronto we got the Game Centre, who would totally stock it if they could get some copies in for themselves. Might be that the government is restricting shipments on that game because of the lack of bilingual documentation, which I'm pretty sure is law.

is game centre the one on the bottom floor of the Eaton Centre? thats the place where i picked up all my gameboy advance games when i was living in toronto
Posted by StarvingGamer

After screaming at Amazon CS I learned that apparently my order has been delayed due to severe weather conditions? What the fffuuu...??? In California?

Posted by Nasar7

According to UPS, my copy is waiting for me at home. Looks like they underestimated demand. Glad to see it's off to a strong start.

Posted by Barrock

I have a sealed Love is Over with the soundtrack and artbook in my room. Should I keep it? :D

Posted by sixpin

@buft said:

@FluxWaveZ said:
@sixpin said:

Strangely enough Best Buy has the censored covers.

It's not that strange.
I would almost want that censored cover, i actually think it looks better

Either cover is fine, but I prefer the original. I don't know, I still find it strange that Best Buy has the censored cover but Toys R Us carries the unedited version.

Posted by Gamer_152

Wow, this sounds really bad. I hope all you Catherine-less people get your copies a.s.a.p.