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Posted by AdamMadeley

After playing through alot of old 2008 - 2009 released games, i realized i should start reviewing them, as some are really well made and others are really badly made. I recently played through Far Cry 2 and Borderlands.  
Far Cry 2, was good in places, yet confusing and long winded it certain points. The large open-world was perhaps too open world, having a very simple mission structure meant i would die repeatedly from just stupid and random events happening in that game. 
Where as Borderlands is one hell of a game and felt smooth and well made. Even though some of the DLC could have been better, the overall game and its mechanics allowed me to really enjoy that game. 

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

Borderlands DLC (Dr. Ned and especially Knox) was awesome, only game to do DLC remotely right considering the cost.
I enjoyed the entire game too, I had this gut feeling to go out and get it, bit of a shame it fell back into obscurity after the awesome DLC.
Wtb Borderlands 2 :(