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Posted by advocatefish

Mirrors Edge.

Posted by LittlemanBodie
@X19: Thanks man, I'm just getting into the music makin' business and am always curious what people are using when I hear great stuff like this. Keep it UP!
Posted by Toms115


Posted by X19
@LittlemanBodie: I use Reason 5 with the sound banks it comes with. Most of sounds in this track are found in the Orkester sound bank but to get them sounding more realistic I had to go through the parameters of most of the notes. Don't have any other programs for post mixing as I still shy away from having to do that stuff. 
Also you don't need a i7 PC or anything to write like this as Reason isn't that CPU intense unless you add lots of effects. What I will say is my M-Audio Oxygen V2 is fantastic for writing out ideas and manipulating sounds. Seriously can't imagine how long it would take me without that bit of kit.
Posted by LittlemanBodie
@X19: Hey, really enjoyed the music. Sorry for the lack of input on what genre would be appropriate, but I did want to ask what program(s) you use?
Posted by Little_Socrates

First games I thought of were El Shaddai, Eternal Sonata, and Deadly Premonition (just the intro for that one, though.)

Edited by PillClinton

NIce, dude. Ya know, the first game I thought of was Braid, actually. As other people have pointed out, Dark Cloud also fits quite well, and pretty much any whimsical JRPG. The mixing's good too--nice levels, doesn't sound like anything's clipping or distorting, every element seems to sit nicely and audibly with the rest of the mix, but if I had to nitpick, I'd say the violin coming in at 0:28 is a touch too loud and slightly jarring, but again, that's just a nitpick. I really, really love that breakdown at 1:09--very nice rhythm to that section. And that horn bellow at 2:11 is great; a very sweeping, epic feel to that--very nice touch.

Posted by X19
@Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto: @CrossTheAtlantic: Thanks guys I'm either going to go with this

or this 
Posted by CrossTheAtlantic

Don't know about trailers, but those strings have Dark Cloud 2 all over them. 

Posted by Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto
Posted by Yummylee

The Open-World theme for a JRPG definitely.

Posted by Kyreo

This sounds like Zelda at first, but turns into a JRPG. This actually reminds me of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Posted by Dany

I was thinking assassins creed brotherhood but then no... half way it becomes a RPG

Posted by Red

Whatever it is, it has to have airships.

Posted by Video_Game_King
@Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto said:
It could also work very nicely with a decent NDS RPG if one did it JUST RIGHT...
This is probably the best answer, especially since I'm having trouble coming up with one of my own.
Posted by HellBrendy

Editing the video right, pretty much anything can go with everything. 

Posted by sionweeks

A Final Fantasy game.

Posted by X19
@Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto: Any game names you could recommend? I don't really know much about the NDS RPG scene.
Posted by X19
@Tebbit: Will put it up on SoundCloud so there is no picture yeah that was a mistake.
CIV5 will put it on the list :)
Posted by Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto

It could also work very nicely with a decent NDS RPG if one did it JUST RIGHT...

Posted by Tebbit

Maybe the picture you provided has biased me, but this would work with some of the newer FF's, but I reckon it could just as easily go with say, a few of the various Civ 5 trailers that are out there. Not the gameplay ones, the pre-rendered CG ones. I like this! very organic!

Posted by X19
@Chronologist: I have been playing Nier and FF13 so that probably influenced it. Will have to check out a few trailers in that genre.
Posted by Chronologist

Hm.. FFXIII is not a bad idea. I definitely got a JRPG - asian sorta vibe from it.

Posted by Castiel

Hmm... RapeLay?

Edited by X19

I wrote something and would very much like your input on what type of game genre you think it would fit with and any game trailers that come to mind. I'm still hopeless at writing music that fits with material so I thought I would do it the other way round and write the music first.
Once I have picked a game trailer I will use the ideas from this piece below to make something that syncs up with whats going on in that trailer.

Thanks for listening.
I would like to thank everyone who commented in this blog as I was struggling to find the right game to go with this track I wrote. One Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto suggested was Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and after doing some digging I found a trailer for the game. Editing videos isn't my strong suit but I think I hit enough of the sync points to make it fit so I'm pleased.
Let me know what you think good or bad. I do this as a hobby and only want to get better at it so any feedback is welcome.