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It's Dog American Football, not Dog Football!

Posted by W_R_B

Holding out for "Nolan Ryan's Cat Baseball"

Posted by ItalianStallion

The PAWS! Menu.

Posted by HerbieBug

hahahaha frame rate problems on the title screen.  Class. 

Posted by MackGyver

TNT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by megalowho

This game.. man. I should probably buy this game.

Posted by SaintOfKillers

Fuck dog football i want a crab juggling game

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@Rorie: Thanks for making an appearance, Rorie. It's not Rorcraft, but that's OK. You should be in the GB vids more. You should review a game sometime too.

I'd also like to mention that I've not heard of JUDOBABY Inc. until now.

Posted by Chris2KLee

Man, money was spent to make this. Someone got paid to make up "fur-st" down. That hurts me.

Posted by Undeadpool

@gosukiller said:

@craigbo180 said:
@bko said:
I'm disappointed at what a black hole of cynicism this whole site -- community included -- has become. Not defending the game, but it's clear you popped in yet another kids game simply for purposes of making fun of it, which of course all the GB fanboys will lap up in the comments. You guys might be getting too old for this.
Nice Shakespeare theater.
I think they would've made fun of a game like this werther it was aimed at kids or not. Kids like great games too.

To his credit, the GB crew has never made fun of a bad game before.

Posted by veXedbulldog

I love the four-leaf clovers that appear when the Scottish team scores. Nice work.

Posted by powerpc127
@WeskerResi001 said:
The "Paws" menu? Seriously?
Ah, you beat me to it.
Posted by Chokomofo

"It says when the receiver barks."
I don't know why it took this long for it to set in... but this game is absolutely ridiculous. I have never laughed so hard at something so dumb. I love Wii games.

Posted by shodan2020

Come on, Ryan. Spell it out. "Ruff, Tough, and Dangerous". :)

Posted by the_gallo
@Zurgfrog: but what if they make an even better sequel?
Posted by vinsanityv22

I don't.....I can't.....
I don't think this should be a retail game.  But I don't wanna hate it just because it's "kid-oriented"-looking. And, y'know, you can't blame the developer for making a cheap-looking game. They're releasing a Wii game in 2011; it's retail suicide and no publisher would throw much money at it. Besides, throwing money at Wii games and making awesome titles doesn't pay off (just ask Fragile Dreams, Red Steel 2, No More Heroes 2, or countless others. Way to support your systems' exclusives, NOA!). But man....this is weird.

Posted by MrMazz

this game is surprisingly deep? god this just looks so bad

wii game of the year

Posted by BlaineBlaine

1% chance of me not buying this when it hit's the bargin bin.


Posted by bunkerbuster05

"Fur-st down!"


Posted by Zurgfrog

Don't care that its only the first year of the decade, GAME OF THE DECADE

Posted by Mooseslayer

This was a great quick look! The anger generated by a stupid game is amazing.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I give this game one puppy.

Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish

Nintendo..how did it come to this.

Posted by eccentrix

Rorie's colorblind too?

Posted by kollay

Were there dog balls on that fucking dog medal?

Posted by knifefish

Didn't hear about this game until this week and though there are some terrible puns - Out of Bow-wow-nds - I guess I'm kinda interested in trying it out?

Posted by Jrinswand

Need more Rorie! I think he's surpassed Will Smith as my current non-GB Whiskey Media fave.

Posted by HorseMeatRider
@drumpsycho89 said:

does anyone not notice the 4 leaf clover is NO SCOTTISH!!!! its irish u guys!!

Posted by Chef033

"Out of Bow-wow-nds!"
Ahahahahahaha oh my fucking god.

Posted by WeskerResi001

The "Paws" menu? Seriously?

Posted by Gooddoggy

Game of the Year.

Posted by Beomoose

Matt Rorie and Dog Football: Derpy.

Posted by Henkiebob

Iam going to dust off my wii for this! *runs to tv* oh wait I sold it like 2 years ago...

Posted by chikin_n_rofls

fuck yes matt rorie

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@enemymouse said:

Why the fuck is a crab juggling on the loading screen? WHY?

Exactly this.

EDIT: Also, GotY!!!!

Posted by Jackal888

I cant wait for Dog Football with Bears.

Posted by MattClassic
@powerpc127 said:
@brehonia said:

This game doesn't look completely terrierble, might see if I can russell up some extra cash for it once I've finished Collie of Duty.

If I was wearing more than boxers at the moment, then I would go pick this up right now. I'm a real wii shovelware hound, so I'd probably love a piece of shih tzu like this. My friends (Jack, Russell, and Terry) and I have sort of gotten a collection of bad wii games going. There's just something charming about their pugly graphics. I buy pretty much any game I can get my paws on. Then again, I think my attention spaniel is a little too short for such a detailed game of football. Besides, it just rained and I'd hate to step in a lingering poodle and get all wet on the way to the store. I guess I'll wait for it to hit the barkgain bin. Or I could borrow it from my neighbor, Bernard. He's a real saint, so I'm sure he'll let me.  What a bunch of dirty, rottweilen puns.
Posted by Krakenstein

Whenever they do quicklooks for bad Wii games it's terrible in a great way. Keep 'em coming guys!

Posted by Mumrik

This kinda looks like dog shit... (arf arf arf)

Posted by PrivateIronTFU
@creiij said:
Anyone who buys this should get a horrible decease, like a bad cough and diarrhea... 
I would imagine if they got a horrible decease, they wouldn't have to worry about things like coughing and diarrhea. 
Posted by dancingpolkabear

One may say that its framerate is ruff

Posted by Daftasabat

People actually sat down and programmed this crap...and got paid for it?

Posted by tweetspot

i hate this game 

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Can't wait for DMX's Ruff Riders Football.

Too bad the Michael Vick version of this game was canned.

Boom. Somebody had to.

Posted by chu52

I love a good bad game quick look

Posted by Tuggah

I enjoy Ryan's angry cursing.

Posted by enemymouse

Why the fuck is a crab juggling on the loading screen? WHY?

Posted by Nomin

Give Rorie some Jack Daniel's, he seemed unreasonably cranky and not savoring the chance to hold that wiimote in nearly two years. 

Posted by Roomrunner

Good thing Ryan didn't notice the "PAWS" menu, or he would have exploded.

Posted by EdsXwing

Scrub League!