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Posted by NYChrisG
@Depth said:

@NYChrisG:jerk :(

It's funny how someone can mistake sincerity and sarcasm online.
Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Borderline child labor.

Posted by Tharrington

Glad a story was written about him.  Watching him play on the stream during EVO was incredible.

Posted by Tan

Haha, Evo this year was great. Looking forward to seeing this kid on more streams.

Posted by Kapwan

@NYChrisG said:

Sorry Noah, I didn't mean to kill your dreams. Let's play if you are ever on the East Coast.

People need to give you more props for taking the kid seriously and not playing half assed because he had the crowd behind him. In the arcades growing up the older kids never did us any favors, so there is no reason we should hold back in tournaments today.

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Great Write up klepek, keep um coming.

Posted by MisterMouse

good read of a story.

Posted by Czarpyotr

@OracleXIII said:

and how exactly do they explain this kid playing M rated games?

Because he isn't sheltered? I've been playing M games since I was learning to read and I haven't enacted violence on anyone at my university yet. If you aren't raised by morons, seeing some digital violence and sex isn't going to destroy your fragile little mind.

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@NYChrisG: Really cool of you to post here. Love to see players in these tournaments be good sports. Really helps defy the negative reputation of competitive gaming, I know you'll get a lot of crap for beating him, but it is a tournament. You have to play to win, no matter who the opponent is.

Posted by Otzlowe

That kid's dad sounds like a pretty practical dude and a good dad to boot.  I'm glad he was willing to support his kid in something like this, especially as a single parent.

Posted by FLStyle

@NYChrisG said:

Sorry Noah, I didn't mean to kill your dreams. Let's play if you are ever on the East Coast.

Great job sir, looking forward to see what you do with UMvC3 and MK9.

Posted by umdesch4

Articles like this one are why I come here every day. Patrick, keep up the good work, and awesome that this one seems to have been thoroughly proofread before posting. ;)

Posted by Depth

@NYChrisG:jerk :(

Posted by jelekeloy

It makes me really happy to know that this isn't some snobby rich kid. Great article.

Posted by Jaunty

This is the greatest article I've read on this site.

Posted by UberExplodey

bring that kid in for a TNT!

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Sorry Noah, I didn't mean to kill your dreams. Let's play if you are ever on the East Coast.   

Posted by yami4ct

Great read! I love that the kid doesn't let the crowd get to him. I always feel that's the worst part when watching the tournaments. I get that it's all part of playing the game in front of so many people, but hearing the crowd boo certain players always has left a bad taste in my mouth. Might just be me, though, as I think the negative attitude of the crowd is a problem with sports in general.

I'll echo what I've read here, so happy to see such a supportive father. Whether or not the kid is really a prodigy, it's really awesome to see his father take it seriously. I know most parents wouldn't drive their kids around to play 'those silly video games'. I look forward to see where this kid goes from here.

Posted by dubios451

@Qodot: I like the idea that he is some sort of miniature Ryan Davis in the making

Posted by Axiomatic

Great work as always Patrick. I was curious when I heard about Noah but I never saw him compete, I only follow fighting games once a year and didn't really know where to look to find out if it was a serious thing or novelty while 50 posts a second fly by in the NeoGAF live Evo thread.

It is fantastic to see a father putting what money he has where his mouth is when it comes to supporting his son in endeavours he's passionate and talented in - even if as a father he doesn't quite get it himself.

Posted by GaspoweR

@Junpei: Daigo would probably get booed even louder than anyone if those two met.

Posted by NickBOTT

Awsum story!  Wonder how Noah's talents will grow as he gets older.

Posted by zameer

Great original story; this kid is a boss.

Posted by Huzzabari

Great Article

Posted by Rittsy

Great, another 8 year old who can beat me up.

Posted by probablytuna

I saw some of his matches and they're pretty insane. If he keeps it up he'll be a top contender.

Posted by Jeffsekai

Holy shit! Great story Patrick!

Posted by Pen
@Evelgest said:

Kara's photo on front page of GB. Hm.

What is that supposed to mean?
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Hope to see Noah next year's EVO, I bet when gets older he'll be unstoppable force.

Posted by DrRandle

@Scarabus: You're kind of a douche bag. Commenting this kind of shit on a heart warming story like this confirms it.

Posted by RVonE

Ah, good read. It's nice to see the kid supported by his father in what he does. He seems to offer him a lot of guidance (dealing with loss and such things) which I think is a very good thing.

Posted by Qodot
@dubios451 said:

@Elusionar: It is, but ultimately it is the parent's choice, the rating system is simply to restrict the purchase of the game to those 17 and older. In this case the father is aware of the content of the game and approves of his son playing it, so its okay. Likewise kids could watch the game being played, its ultimately up to the parents to remain informed of what their kids are up to.

This isn't going to end well for anyone. You know what question needs to be asked of Solis? Did he, or did he not, say:
"There's a lot of face and neck punching, if you like to punch dudes in the face and neck. There's one really good move where you punch a dude five or six times super quickly, with Bison's purple hand, like, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, just jabbing - and that's really oddly satisfying."
Posted by Vexxan

This kid made EVO11 just more amazing than it already was. Hell of an article, Patrick!

Posted by retsub101

This is why I don't play fighting games online any more.

Posted by Getz

People are always surprised by young children being beasts at fighting games but you have to remember that for a developing brain, picking up new concepts quickly is automatic. They don't have to work as hard figuring out how everything works; they just pick the game up and experiment and soak it all up. Not to downplay this kid's achievement or anything.

Posted by Linkster7

Great article.

Love your writing Patrick.

Posted by ComradeCrash

That was interesting!

Posted by Bestostero

hey i saw this!

Posted by kollay

Noah "I release the flood and set you free" Solis.

Posted by FLStyle

Evo coverage on Giant Bomb! Shout-out to Noah, shout-out to Patrick, shout-out to EVO, shout-out to hype, shout-out to shout-outs.

Posted by Thoseposers

After reading the article it really seems like Moises is a really cool guy and an amazing dad :D

Posted by FearlessDaniel

Kids these days, always choosing between math and gaming

Posted by Mars_Cleric

great piece Pat, this is a great story

I hope good things come for this kid and his family

Posted by bretthancock

Good job on the story Patrick, well done.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Really cool story. I wish my brain was all fresh so I could be super good at video games again.

Posted by rmanthorp

EVO 2k11 was amazing.

Posted by Fuga


Posted by Junpei

People have known about Noah for about a year on the fighting game forums (SRK, EventHubs) but it is great to see him getting some wider known recognition because it is a great story and is awesome to see him play. Completely agree with the people who stated that anyone playing against him at EVO was immediately the villain. It could have been a fan favorite like Daigo and they would have booed him because you just can't help but root for this kid.

Posted by Chet_Rippo

That dad is a pro

Posted by Shisnopi

I wonder how he feels about Ultimate MvC3?