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Posted by Catolf


Front cover of Last Rebellion (US) for PlayStation 3

When i sit and look back on this one i wonder how the FUCK I managed to platinum this game so fast. lol.  I bought this game last Monday more or less on the spur of the moment after I picked up Dragon Quest IX. It wasn't planned, I was looking for Resonance of Fate and couldn't find it and I stumbled upon it with "NEW" stamped on the cover.I had heard mixed things about the game so I figured trying it for myself and then judging would be best. I grabbed it and a strange little game called Astonishia Story and took them home.
I didn't start playing until Saturday and I only did so for an hour or so, I wasn't sure how i felt, so I came back to it that Monday and put in four hours, then Tuesday I played nearly all day... Here is my thoughts.
This game is not great, what-so-ever it is not great. Average.. a little less than as well. The story isn't really engaging and your left scratching your head a lot. The break
 This guy is a DOOOUUUCCCHHHHH!!!
down that this god of 'life' more or less is over stepping his bounds and reanimating corpses.. the people pray tot he god of death to save them and bring about balance tot he world. During this time people are chosen by the god of death to carry out and use their powers to defeat and seal the demons and so forth. Thus a war happens because one side don't like the other blah blah.. more or less.. fighting, the best sealer and blade get messed together.. bllllaaaahhh...see.. stop kinda blah.. after you get toward the end non of what is seems is going on and you find out even the GODS don't give a shit about these people. But that combat, that is some fun stuff. You fight by picking and choosing how your going to attack your enemy, their arms, left leg? You pick and you do attacks in in that order, if you do the right combination you get rewarded with extra experience. Rather simple. But still a load of fun. So much so I beat all bonus bosses.
Level 57 yo!
While i came in interested in the story by the end the character I liked most was the 'evil' brother whom wasn't even evil.. just confused and sad. ;_;
If you play this don't expect to have your mind blown by story or combat really, but you might come off liking it because it hurts you to do so. It's weird. I hate it. I love it.. for what it's worth it deserves the scores it got. lol
 I'm a fucking flawless demon... with the patience and stamina of a GOD!

Yeah.. that's about it. My thoughts are jumbled. it's not a bad game.. but it is quite terrible.. XP and LOLOLOLOL... that plat is ranked novice.
This was the game I grabbed with Last Rebellion, it was priced at $6 and.. well I took another risk. It's my moneh!
Weirdly I'm quite pleased. This game is very much a throwback to old JRPG's just a little more polished. Nice graphics for what they are doing and I curious story going on about a Staff from the gods that the main character ends up losing very early on along with his whole party of knights of their kingdom. (man i miss them.. doing shit alone is hard!) I'm not very far in it to give a full thought on it all, but safe to say I like it. The combat is turn based by you can move anywhere within your movement range to go directly to attack the enemy, you can also save where-ever you like on the game field. Only issue I have is the main characters feet being so huge! Weird looking sprite..lol. But it's a PSP title, you should look it up, even just a youtube check to see if your interested, the game is cheap as hell, so why not dip yourself in the portable RPG pool on
the cheap?

Alright, last but not least Dragon Quest. I've never played a dragon quest before, i've been told to try but the art always put me off. I can only take so much dragon ball Z in my face you know? But i finally caved and bought the game at Target after work and i've put in about fourteen hours and I love it. >< Making my own party members my own character and just watching it all unfold is satisfying. I've just re-arrived at the observatory and going to have to leave again and I had to wrench myself away to get started on the other games I bought XD.
Needless to say I love it, so, so far so good. That and being able to dance about and wave to myself to too damn cute for words >< I'll give more thoughts later when i put more time in. Right now i gotta turn my DS back on!