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Posted by PandaBear

@H2Oyea said:

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@crusader8463 said:

Keep the iphone crap to tested.
*Golf Clap*



1,2,3 4! 4 babies!
What the fuck does any of this mean?

As if covering an upcoming game on an extremely popular platform isn't what Giant Bomb should be about.

Posted by JJOR64

Looks great. Wonder how well this would work if it came to 3DS.

Posted by Movius

Did I just see "ti" not accepted as a word? Appalling! My scrabble dictionary is rolling in its grave.

Posted by Hardtarget

what the crap, ipad quicklooks?!

Posted by Klaimore

Evo '12 is going to be off the wall!!

Posted by Xpgamer7

Definitely getting this for android.

Posted by vinsanityv22

This game looks awesome. But man, is Brad NOT THE GUY TO GO TO for stuff like this:) Poor Brad. I wonder if he's really a terrible gamer, constantly getting off-focus, second guessing himself. Or if he just really has a hard time playing and talking at the same time...'cuz you know, everyone else didn't seem to have a problem.  Brad should never be in charge of a Quick Look that involves competition. Anyone remember the Red Faction Battlegrounds QL?
One of these days, I'm gonna see a QL where Brad is playing competent, and is very eloquent and knowledgeable about the game he's playing (or absorbing information the developer is telling him). And I'm gonna be able to say, "I was there when it happened, my friends. I've seen it!".

Posted by craigymail

Looks good, hope they have customisation stuff, like typography and boards and stuff.

Edited by ProfessorEss

Excited to check this out, would've really liked to have gotten a peek at the single player campaign.  

Posted by SuperJoe

Will could've spelled "DOMINEERS" at 5:36

Posted by Quacktastic
@ryanwho said:
@EuanDewar said:

@Snapstacle said:

@HS21 said:

@crusader8463 said:

Keep the iphone crap to tested.
*Golf Clap*



1,2,3 4! 4 babies!
Ah ah ah.
Edited by RenegadeSaint

Brad: "I just went through this entire Quick Look not realizing the letters were weighted."


Posted by beanZfury

Chris Tolkien would be the literary version of Dan from Street Fighter. All lame moves and rehash.

Posted by Blackout62

What would Douglas Adams be in this game and who do I call to get him implemented.

Posted by Xymox

I don't like word-games because they always have words that "are not words" even if they are. And they usually don't allow for profanity even though they're pulling words from a dictionary... A word suggestion feature is needed, especially if it's patchable.  Other than that, looks kinda cool. 

Posted by kamenlidaa

this looks cool!

just bought it, will play now.

Posted by Oscar__Explosion

I really wish they would have kept the vs screen the same in this video rather than have two identical copies of the screen for each player.