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Posted by G24S

I need scissors! 61!

Posted by metalsnakezero

Looks cool but can I tape a flash light to my gun?

Posted by UnrulyRuffian

Maybe it's a mark of how spoilt we are that this looks pretty generic.

The graphics engine itself looks pretty slick. I'm sure iD are hoping to license this on to others ala Epic.

Posted by MiniPato

@Floppypants said:

I don't see how I am going to any great lengths to omit any of their differences to make them seem similar when they are very much similar games from a gameplay standpoint. Please tell me how my comparison is terrible? Do both games have their fair share of differences? Absolutely, but I don't think it's very hard at all to see similarities between the two games without discounting their differences. What I described in my reply are very specific game mechanics not abstract mechanics. I'm not saying that the two are similar just because they have guns and are first person. If I had, then I would concede you were right, but I feel I've made very specific comparisons. If someone had gotten into games only 5 years or so ago asked me what Deus Ex was like, I would undoubtedly use Fallout 3 as an example, qualifying that it isn't open world and stat heavy.

And I'm not selling Fallout 3 short. Did I say I ever hated that game? No, It's one of my favorite games of this generation, so no need to go gung ho defense on it. I qualified my statement by saying "production quality wise" so as not to say it is an inferior game on its own. By production quality I mean graphics, animation, and art direction.

Posted by SockLobster
@Thiemen said:
Fallout much
I don't see any of Fallout's 50's inspired style in this game... It's much more similar to Mad Max in aesthetic. Which is pretty much exactly what they were going for, what with the dystopian battle arenas and desert buggy races.
Game could be good but it all depends on how the basic shooting feels, as well as if the story is doing anything interesting with the setting.
Posted by yorro

This has console written all over it.

Edited by Bucketdeth

God damn, my comment was supposed to go on the Counter Strike video, this keeps happening lately***

Posted by IronScimitar

Cross platform? HYPED.

Posted by jorbear

This game is either going to be really good, or I will forget about it a couple of weeks after I finish it.

Posted by TheMasterDS

I was sorta digging the atmosphere of the game before it became a shooter and became shoot guys until they fall over: the video game. Honestly, it looks slow and uneventful. I'm bored just watching the video!

Posted by Mentalnova

Finally they fixed the blade so it swoops to the side and not your face when it returns.
Game looks amazing.

Posted by stamps79

Too bad MS is not on board with Valve using Steamworks with XBL. Xbox360 will be the only system that will miss out on cross-platform playing over network play.  MS you need to have a meet with Valve and come to some agreement and expand your options with this. Patch updates would be updated immediately, mod options, happy consumers and more.    
Off topic a little :Even Bethesda with Skyrim is going to have modding options for the PC and consoles, the   Skyrim Creation Kit  and hopefully this will not be a conflict with MS as well.

Posted by Rewcastle

Ok, i'm gonna put my left nut on the table and say that the Mayor isColonel Campbell from Metal Gear. Raiden! Get the chaff !
Posted by Hugh_Jazz

I haven't played any MGS games, but I knew I'd recognized this voice from somewhere. After a bit of digging around, I found it. He voiced Eldred in fucking Sacrifice! Man, that game was awesome.

Posted by TheChaos

why does the person playing have the reflexes of a corpse?

Posted by Hashbrowns

@Tampolini said:

Maybe it's a mark of how spoilt we are that this looks pretty generic.

The graphics engine itself looks pretty slick. I'm sure iD are hoping to license this on to others ala Epic.

Bethesda has stated they have no intention of licensing out id Tech 5. They see it as an asset to have id Tech 5 be exclusive to Bethesda-published games.

And all these videos of Rage have been 30 fps, when I think a large part of what will make Rage impressive is its 60 hertz frame rate. While a faster frame rate isn't going to change the fundamental visual design, it can make a big difference in how we perceive visual quality.

Posted by meaninoflife42

This game was featured in the opening scene of Breaking Bad tonight.  And surprisingly, it was product placement that wasn't awkwardly placed in at the last minute.  It fit the situation and the mindset the characters were in. 

Edited by Tennmuerti

Have to hand it to Rage, game looks really good especially considering the scope/openess of the world.
(but pipes are still hexagons, booooo)

Posted by krazy_kyle

0:35 It's Campbell from Metal Gear Solid!!! :D
Posted by Shuborno


Glad id is continuing their tradition of making enemies being blown apart look awesome.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

The sound design is amazing (and loud)!  Nothing wrong with old-fashion shooters, as long as the shooting feels good.

Posted by Koshka

Colonel! GOD DAMN you let yourself go!

Edited by Gunharp


Its not so much Bethesda as it is id. Carmack discussed it during his keynote at QuakeCon 2011, they were simply not a great at supporting anyone who licensed from them.

However he did announce that id Tech 4 will be released publicly soon (Doom 3 source code). I would expect it after Prey 2 ships, since that is the id tech 4 engine.

@artofwar420 said:

@Elusionar said:

No one will remember Rage 3 months after its out.

I bet you 20 Brad Buck$ that we will.

I will put my 20 brad buck$ in as well.

@Apollo87 said:

The game looks interesting but the fact that it took that many rockets to kill a single dude really bums me out, it kinda reminds me of the rocket launchers in Borderlands, looked cool but it was more show than go.

They were heavily armored and its meant to be a tougher fight.

@EthanielRain said:

@ ~4:15, rocket gets shot through guy's legs & the guy brings his hand down to cover his crotch like "ho-lee shit!" Good AI. Seriously though, can't wait to fork over my $ for this.

This is why when people complain about the animation I am flabbergasted. Same complaints for years now and It irks me.

@MajorToms said:

"...when it comes to animation they let it sort of fall to the wayside.

"The lip-syncs seem to be slapped together very lazily and the facial animations are even worse..."

You really are being overly critical. I can't argue that it doesn't bother you, but trust me that the animations are not lazily put together. Also to let yourself just cast the thought that artists are "letting" their work fall to the way side is just insulting. Especially for a giant 3D game of this caliber, they have put in excruciating work and it shows. I've yet to personally even hear an animator/artist negatively quip about RAGE.

@Vager said:

Wow, looks amazing. Character animations could use some work though.

So what would you do? Because given the tech, time, and fidelity I'm pretty sure they have pushed it as far as they can.

Posted by MeatSim

Post apocalyptic professional hockey player.

Posted by calumlittle

I know this game will annoy me because I want to shoot that tatooed fuck already and I know only good games give you such freedoms and this doesn't look good enough.

Posted by david3cm

@calumlittle: flawless logic

Posted by calumlittle

@david3cm: lol, fearsome sarcasm! After the QL I changed my mind and if these fucks on the Bay don't start seeding then I may just buy this game, and another few gigs of RAM. From what I hear my Crisis 2 on max computer might not be up to the job. We'll see. Thanks for the reply!

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