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Posted by Soap

This looks way better than I thought it would be.

Posted by teh_destroyer

Boobs+blood= usually a good thing.

Edited by HorseMeatRider

Really great quick look! This game looks pretty cool for what it is. The animation is quite decent, and it's a good direction to go with the Bloodrayne license, stylistically. Gameplay seems shallow, but tight enough to work well.

Posted by Metal_Mills

What awful music. It's like some garbage nightwish shit a nerd thought would be cool. Heavy metal has some places in video games, nightwish rip offs have none.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

WHOA @ that blade trail distortion. 

Posted by big_jon

I liked the original BloodRayne.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

Never played the other BloodRayne games but totally digging the look and sound of this game.

Posted by TheHakku

Correction: Not a vampire, a dhampir.

Love BR, love this. Hopefully in ten years we'll see an HD collection!

Posted by laserbolts

This actually looks pretty good considering the other bloodrayne games were shit.

Posted by HerbieBug

...oh.  When the silhouette turned into a regularly lit cartoon person I was disappointed.  :(

Posted by Dingofighter

I like how she slowfalls up when she falls off the Crab Puncher.

Also, isn't she a Dhampir? Yes, it's a very important difference...

Posted by Bouke

Looks pretty cool, but i´m not sure if this is for me...
Posted by rmanthorp

@HerbieBug said:

...oh. When the silhouette turned into a regularly lit cartoon person I was disappointed. :(

Yup. Looks like a bad flash game up close.

Posted by SteveTabernacle

Can you imagine a Castlevania game done in this style?  Get on it, Konami.

Posted by Fleppie
@SteveTabernacle said:
Can you imagine a Castlevania game done in this style?  Get on it, Konami.
Oh man, that'd be AWESOME!!
Posted by RandomInternetUser

It looks so very, very good, but the gameplay doesn't seem all that amazing.   
@SatelliteOfLove said:

WHOA @ that blade trail distortion.   
First thing I noticed - that is a really great effect.
Posted by ShadyMarino

Girl I'm gonna give you the crab puncher...


Edited by Palaeomerus

Wow. It's like the fanciest Castlevania game ever with a soundtrack that sort of sounds like what would happen if  Queen and the Scorpions got together and had a music baby.  

Posted by jakob187
Note to other bombers: dont try to eat food while watching this quicklook. I instantly regretted it. 
Why not?
Posted by ZmillA

ryan always jams on dem sticks so loud

Posted by SejsCube

Kinda sad that this is the best looking Bloodrayne game I've ever seen.
On the other hand, this one actually looks fun to play.  So, hooray!  Hooray?

Posted by litrock

Kind of unfortunate that Ryan didn't look into how the game works enough to figure out that you can infect and then explode enemies with the bite. It's one of the best parts of combat completely not touched on.

Posted by MeatSim

They should have hired Jeff as the announcer for this game.

Posted by Gamer_152

This game doesn't look amazing to me, but there are much worse directions the Bloodrayne franchise could have gone in.

Posted by Evenstar

It looks pretty good. I might buy it one day or at least play it.