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Edited by MeatSim

Yea not interested in playing another fantasy MMO.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

After seeing the failure that was FFXIV, i'm not sure if Squeenix is up to the task of creating a compelling MMO these days.

And on the Wii of all systems, i'm not really sure what to think. A monthly fee would be a deal breaker for many people though, especially in the west.

Edited by Picard

I've been playing Dragon Warrior for over 20 years. But I'm not TOUCHING an MMO that's on the Wii. 
Honestly? The Wii??????  It has what 64MB of RAM? The game will run like shit or have no where near the features of a pc MMO, yet they are still charging a monthly fee?
Sad day for DQ fans.

Posted by frsty13

While the social features in DQ9 really paid out for them in Japan, I'm extremely skeptical about this direction. I could see it working as a Guild Wars type MMO, with towns as social hubs and instanced overworld/dungeons and still keep the DQ feel to it. Being on the Wii is disappointing, but only so far as it means I may be buying a Wii to play this. DQ has always gone where the largest install base was, so it only makes sense.

What really worries me is SquareEnix's track record with FFXIV, both gameplay wise and supporting / listening to their customers.

Posted by slimebeherit
Well you main character can look however you want, plus you can just choose a non-human from one of the five tribes.
Posted by Farbelowaverage

I am actually a bit intrigued by this. The DS games were a good deal of fun.

Posted by Contro

Just seen the new screens - ugh...

They should make it a Wii U exclusive.

Posted by bartok

This seems bizarre but logical step after 9 was pretty much structured like an MMO.  I wouldn't be surprised if 11 is cell phone only. 

Posted by liako21

i just want a classic DQ game. no monster hunter or mmo. ix was ok but i wish it stayed truer to the I - VIII

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