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Posted by patrickklepek

I didn't report on the rumors Nintendo would be releasing an add-on for the 3DS that would provide the handheld with a second analog stick for two reasons. One, I couldn't verify them. In almost every case, if I'm unable to come up with secondary confirmation of a rumor, you won't read about it here. It's not my style. Two, it sounded ridiculous, a move that would make more sense--if any at all--for a re-design. Even if you entertained the idea of it coming prior to a re-design, why split users?

Turns out, it's looking to be true.

The add-on, which reportedly acts as a cradle for the handheld and simultaneously adds several shoulder buttons (there are conflicting reports on this specific fact, hope to have clarity in the morning), has appeared in the newest issue of Famitsu. It's being released in conjunction with Monster Hunter 3G, apparently scheduled before the end of the year, at least in Japan.

What's this monstrosity look like? Your wish is my command, courtesy of Twitter user @south1996.

No, you haven't lost your mind! This isn't some crazy dream!

Granted, much could change; we're getting the very first details on this translated from a magazine reveal. Nintendo has a press conference ahead of the Tokyo Game Show this month, currently scheduled for September 13. We should see more about this add-on there. I'm especially interested in finding out whether Nintendo has the balls to charge for this.

Posted by LiquidPenguins

Cool. Won't fit the larger battery I just installed to fix the battery life problem either.

Posted by mastrbiggy

Oh Nintendo.

Posted by patrickklepek

@Jimster said:



Posted by SpunkyHePanda

That is the sexiest thing I've ever seen.


Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

That looks terrible!

Posted by Enigma777

Iwata's going to have to do one of these pretty soon the way he's going.

Posted by JamesBoyce


Posted by SamFo

Ok, I know Nintendo fucked up bigtime on the 3DS, but this... this is just retarded... They'd have to pay people to use this monstrosity!!!

Posted by Miketorreza

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh man... this is so dumb. Amazing.

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

Surely, this is the thing that will improve sales.

Posted by Jensonb

If this is real, it demonstrates Nintendo have spent the last year going from being visionaries to idiots, and pretty much deposits all the faith I had in them.

Posted by SpudBug

If it truly acts as a battery life extension/2nd analog stick/wii u controller as some are speculating, I'm all for it.

Not really sure why there's so much negativity. Could be pretty comfortable to use for playing at home. Then you have the system without the cradle when you want it to be portable for simpler games.

Posted by Darknight630

I'd assume this would only be for Monster Hunter. If anything Nintendo would have one or two more games for it. It's basically Wii Motion + all over again.

Posted by UsbCable

What the butt hole...... Did they ever give a reason for not adding a second stick in the first place? I know there was some talk about it in an interview pre-release but I don't remember which....

Posted by milkham

So this will prevent the claw right? wow.

Edited by Chaoskiller2000

This is so lame.... it really makes me never want to buy a first gen Nintendo product ever again. Come to think of it why did I buy a 3DS....regret

Posted by hagridore

How did you fuck up the DS brand so hard, Nintendo?

Edited by SpaceBoat

At least it looks more comfortable. Those corners get me every time.

Posted by leftzero101

Fucking nintendo... Just dont get them anymore.

Posted by lacke

Japanese Console makers being Japanese Console makers. Reminds me of all the stupid shit Gameboy and 16-bit console era had.

Posted by NeutralDensity

What an absolute travesty.  What are you doing Nintendo!?  Argh! :(   

Posted by Doctorchimp


So when you buy that add-on are you going to get the bottom inscribed

"I may be an ambassador, but I will not be left behind!"

Posted by MisterMouse

man... Nintendo is going to need to say a huge "Sorry" on this one... while they entire time I was hoping this was going to be a "Never" kind of situation.

Posted by ViciousReiven

I don't like the idea of it being offset to the side, I think instead it should have wrapped around onto the front under the face buttons.  

Posted by mewarmo990

@Ghost_of_Perdition said:

Surely, this is the thing that will improve sales.

And not, say, an actually reasonable battery life! Not at all!

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You know. Now that I think about it. Wasn't the sole reason for the Classic Controller Pro for Monster Hunter Tri?

Monster Hunter gets people to do crazy shit.

Posted by Slaker117

So, this seems pretty dumb.

Posted by probablytuna

As a recent 3DS owner, I'd rather Nintendo announce this than a new model with longer battery life and a second circle pad.

Posted by selfconfessedcynic

What the....

Posted by Doctorchimp

@akiz_jack said:

As a recent 3DS owner, I'd rather Nintendo announce this than a new model with longer battery life and a second circle pad.

That's coming next year for the fall.

Posted by MasterVader

This reminds me of those super bulky attachments for the original Game Boy.

Edited by SaturdayNightSpecials

That is shockingly bad.

Why is the slide pad to the right of the face buttons? Why?

I'm praying it's a prototype.

Posted by LetsRockBaby

Oh man that's an eyesore.

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The absolute power of Monster Hunter.

Posted by ch3burashka

I don't care what you say; this CANNOT be real. 
If some-crazy-how it's real (how can it be?) I hope Nintendo makes it a centerpiece at their conference - I can't wait to see how they spin this one.

Posted by UltimAXE

It doesn't look terrible; just weird and not entirely necessary.
But then, I don't have a 3DS or even want one right now, so whatever.

Posted by CitizenJP

( '-_-)

Posted by captain_clayman


Posted by Cyrisaurus

What a hell...

Posted by FoxMulder

should just add a second one with the new "lite"-esque model.

Posted by Jolt92

Haha, oh wow what a fucking joke.

Posted by TheHakku

Might make boss battles in SM643DS easier. ...Bah. I got nothing.

Posted by raikoh05

gamegear 2.0

Posted by NoelVeiga

If there isn't a second battery in there at least doubling your battery life I'll be pissed.

Posted by OllyOxenFree


Posted by Sticky_Pennies

I can't wait until Nintendo switches to solely making games, and not consoles any more. They've lost their touch. Their games are still fantastic, though...

Posted by InsidiousTuna
Posted by BoringK

Surely, this means that there'll never be a radical redesign of the 3DS, right? Because they wouldn't release a ridiculous thing like this, and then follow it up with a 3DS it wouldn't work with? Right?
fucking Monster Hunter

Posted by MrMazz

It throws off the center of the device visually.I don't like that. Why can't they just be like normal nintendo and announce a redisign like they were going to do in 18 months anyway?