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Posted by Contro

Out on February 7th in the US, according to a Capcom USA rep at NYCC.

Posted by bross92

@Enigma777: Haha, oh god yes perfect. Seriously, what are they thinking?

Posted by Silock

This would of probably made more sense if the second analog was built into the console its self, as it stands this 'add-on' is a terrible, ugly idea.

Posted by Kowalski

This thing looks awful and it's obvious a redesign is imminent. No 3DS for me then.

Posted by JCGamer

Terrible timing. I was thinking of getting the 3DS soon, but there will obviously be a redesign soon, so I'll probably wait. Man, what was Nintendo thinking anyway? Seems like they had a bit of the "playstation syndrome" thinking they were on-top of the world and making dumb ass decisions: no second stick, $250 price.

Posted by AgentJ
@huser said:
@AgentJ: You really think better batteries AND bigger screens?
No, but that's kind of what it's going to take for me to buy the console right now. That or something amazing software-wise. There's nothing stopping me from moving my "Tales of the Abyss" preorder to something else. The second slider is pretty much a requirement, as well as at least one of those above features. 
Posted by Cube

Nintendo is pulling some pretty dumb moves. 

Posted by nadinengland

That looks genuinely horrendous.

Posted by KinjiroSSD

What is Nintendo doing? It is almost painful to watch.

Posted by Skronk61

I feel embarrassed to own a 3DS at this point.

Posted by JasonR86

Well that looks dumb.

Posted by Raineko

People don't seem to understand that this peripheral 
- is for Monster Hunter only so therefore every Japanese gamer will love it 
- is not confirmed outside Japan as far as I know

Posted by huser
@endless_void said:
@Dalkalopagus said:

It's dumb as hell, but as long as it isn't too expensive... I can't complain about more shoulder buttons and a second stick Hopefuly it will be implimented in more then just monster hunter.

Lol, enjoy that while i use a vita
Didn't realize that one precluded the other. I guess my PSP/DS/mobile gaming were some crazy fever dream.
Posted by huser
@AgentJ: You really think better batteries AND bigger screens?
Posted by GioVANNI
@DonutFever said:
I got a 3DS day one. Nintendo seems determined to prove to me that was a mistake.
Not just day one buyers, but EVERY 3DS owner.
Posted by AgentJ

I was never going to buy the 3DS without a second slider, because, as was so apparent at PAX, some games are not going to be friendly to lefties. *COUGH KID ICARUS* 
Still though, not buying it yet. There's games I want, so that's not the problem. The problem is that this attachment sucks, and Nintendo will include it in a new rendition within the year, along with better batteries and (please oh please) bigger screens. Hopefully I can finish my regular DS games in the time between now and then. 

Posted by Mace

This is all but confirmation that the rumours of a 3DS redesign are true. That will probably be announced soon and released next year and this attachment is just so that people who have already bought a 3DS can play future games that require 2 slide pads.

Posted by Picard

The 3ds's D-pad is a piece of shit. 
I regret buying it, I really do. 

Posted by dvorak

@Vrikk said:

This 3DS ship is going down in flames. That thing looks like shit.

If people have to use a huge dildo to control a portable Monster Hunter game, they will be fully up for that. Nothing stops a Monster Hunter fan.

Posted by BillyB25


Posted by Vrikk

This 3DS ship is going down in flames. That thing looks like shit.

Posted by WaylonJennings
@vinsanityv22: if you don't like clunky, overpriced, fugly peripherals then fine be that way.   
Edited by vinsanityv22

That is fu**ing disgusting! They put the analog stick on the SIDE of the buttons? Instead of having a wrap around portion and placing it - correclty - under the buttons? That's f***ing stupid. G*d D*mn "Monster Hunter Claw" informing the design here.
I swear, Nintendo is *this close* to getting me to trade in my 3DS. This is getting embarrassing...
"I'm especially interested in finding out whether Nintendo has the balls to charge for this."
-Is that a joke, Patrick? They're Nintendo - of course they're going to charge you for it. Probably 200% of what it's worth. This is the moron company  who brought us the DK Bongos, the Broadband adapter for the Gamecube, the Wii Fit Board.....man. I thought I only hated NOA, but now that I think of it, NCL is pretty boneheaded and greedy too.

Posted by BestUsernameEver
@Demoskinos said:
@BestUsernameEver as funny as that is it wouldn't be that far fetched for Nintendo sadly
well look at the gameboy color. Of course most of the add ons were strictly a bonus, but still, people would be walking around with a GBC connected to a third party rumble, with a light dongle and a magnify glass screen cover, that system got so ridiculous by all the little add ons you could get. But again, all of that wasn't integral to the gameplay, but yeah, same, i can see Nintendo launching something, or a couple things after a system release and expecting people to buy it with no question or regrets. I kinda doubt they would go as far as not include a DPad, but I think that illustrates Nintendos crazy business style right now. 
Posted by ichthy

I like Monster Hunter, but if I have to carry around a thing that looks like it'll be even LARGER than a Vita and hella ugly to boot to play it probably? Count me out.

Posted by jasondesante

am I the only one that likes this?
So what if Nintendo decided to beef up the 3ds when they saw it was the best decision.  
Its gonna be like 20 bucks big whoop, I'm gonna buy it for my 3ds, and then probably buy the newer more awesome 3ds as well.  I'm a Nintendo fan, sorrryyyyyyy.
3ds is a great system and its getting upgraded.  how can that be a bad thing.

Posted by endless_void
@Dalkalopagus said:

It's dumb as hell, but as long as it isn't too expensive... I can't complain about more shoulder buttons and a second stick Hopefuly it will be implimented in more then just monster hunter.

Lol, enjoy that while i use a vita
Posted by endless_void


Posted by prestonhedges
@viiral said:

This is the "Kakuchou Slide Pad" from Capcom made for Monster Hunter.

so all these fanboys should be crying about Capcom, not Nintendo? fuck.
Posted by leejunfan83

Seems that Nintendo overestimated it's importance just like Sony did after the PS2's success the game industry is a fickle bitch treat her like such and the Wii-U is the second coming of the Dreamcast

Posted by advocatefish

There are no words that could explain how upset i am with nintendo, so i won't try.

But one thing i will ask: Why was a second analog stick not put in the original design of the system?

I didn't buy a Wii, I won't buy a Wii U and I already regret buying the 3DS. Their games just aren't worth this.

Posted by Roomrunner
@BestUsernameEver said:
@the_dudefather said:
Fuckin' took the words (or image) out of my mouth!
Posted by loopy_101

Jesus christ that thing is bulky. 

Posted by Trebz

For once, I hope it's another e-Reader or GBA connectivity cable.

Posted by Reptilia

might just a be a monster hunter specific peripheal. Not being pushed by nintendo, at least i hope this isnt nintendos solution. selling us some weird shit handle bar

Edited by Icemael

Yeah... I think I'll just wait for the next 3DS model, which I'm sure will include it in a more natural way (and bring a number of other improvements).

Posted by ShadowDoGG

This is not confirmed as being an official Nintendo product. Maybe just an addon for MH

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

Good Grief that looks terrible, I'd prefer a Nintendo 3DS Lite with better integration of the 2nd stick...

Posted by phantomzxro

this thing is just really for that monster hunter game and any game like it having you use the claw formation. It would be cool and worth it if they could  throw a battery in there to add some gameplay time to the 3ds. 

Posted by Demoskinos

@BestUsernameEver as funny as that is it wouldn't be that far fetched for Nintendo sadly

Posted by BestUsernameEver
Nintendo: Sometime in the year 2013.... 
Edited by MeatSim

Let's see how many more pieces of plastic they can strap on to the 3DS.

Posted by HansKaosu

This is the "Kakuchou Slide Pad" from Capcom made for Monster Hunter.

Posted by coakroach

Wow, they've really lost it havent they?

Posted by BestUsernameEver
@the_dudefather said:
Posted by Chris2KLee

I think I'll just wait for the obvious update now. As much as I love MH, I can't see myself playing the game with this weird add-on. Although I guess it's better than the crab claw technique...

Posted by Benzedrine

It kind of makes you wonder why they didn't include a second analog stick in the first place anyway. Fair enough, most of the target audience is part of the casual crowd so most games will be simple enough to not use a second stick. But at least put one on the thing just incase. Plus it would have given developers more options when designing games too.

Posted by LemonJoose

This would have made more sense if doing this as an add-on instead of including these things as standard features of the base 3DS unit had allowed Nintendo to debut the 3DS with a much lower price than they did.  But somehow they still charged $249 for the base 3DS at launch, even without these things that one would think ought to be standard on a dedicated handheld platform.

Posted by Koobz

@the_dudefather said:

Posted by Tumbler

This would be a smart move by nintendo if it's true. I think the Vita has more chance at being successful in the market and by not having a dual stick the 3DS is possibly losing games that a 3rd party would publish cross platform.