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Posted by HumanityPlague

So, I got my Wii in a few days ago. I got it in, during my surgery, which is decent. I actually primarily got it, as a rehab tool. Since I'm going to be laid up, even more than normal, I'm hoping it can keep my arms at least a little more active. Anyways, here are pictures (to be jealous of)

Console and sensor bar (angled):

Closer on the console and bar:

Even closer on the console:

GC ports/memory card:

Top of the console:

And bottom of console:

Put some more pictures up. Will take a few more, when I'm feeling better.

Posted by loopy_101

A see-through case, did you mod-chip it also?

Posted by HumanityPlague
@loopy_101: No, just soft-modded it, like any/every other Wii owner.  I can't solder to save my life.  It's not 100% (since I can't get it to boot a dvd movie, even though it should), but it works pretty well.