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Posted by ProfessorEss

Man I've been waiting for you guys to hit that monster closet since the beginning of this thing.

Sure they're usually a cheap tactic, but that one was so well done it's hard to lump it into the generic "monster closet" concept.

Keep goin guys, this game and the Fear Gauntlet continue to deliver.

Posted by Mathey

I've heard that when homeless people talk about being beaten up by random strangers, they're now calling it "being Kessled".

Posted by MrKlorox

You should name the room you do these in "The Monster Closet" since interns are abominations.

Posted by Jolt92

Kesslers fucking pun almost killed me. Fear gauntlet is great, keep up the awesome job Steve & Matt.

Posted by AssInAss

Please please just get to the famous department store, then you can if need be, stop the Fear Gauntlet for the game. That is one of the best scares ever in a game, and blows my mind how they programmed it to change the scripting so perfectly.

Posted by pyruvate

I'm really excited for part 6 you guys! Also I have to admit I'm interested to see where the story goes.

Posted by Nentisys

Please keep going!

Posted by TeflonBilly

Great installment. Perfect note to end the episode on.

The Fear Gauntlet actually convinced me to pick up a copy of this game even though I've already played through Condemned 2 several times. I'm like a level ahead of you now and was literally salivating at the prospect of you coming upon that closet which I did earlier today.

Posted by A_Dog

The 2-3 days old thing still makes me laugh. Every-time.

Posted by Mezmero

How do they expect you to find all the dead birds in that kind of lighting. This video series is amazing. Keep doing more of these videos.

Posted by 1p

When is the next episode going up? I need it!

Posted by KarlPilkington

Looking forward to the next episode...soon?

Posted by VoshiNova

@KarlPilkington said:

Looking forward to the next episode...soon?

Posted by Indiana_Jenkins

I need my fix.

I'm starting to feel cold...

Posted by Barrock

Guys I don't know about you but if I don't get my 'Kessler beating homeless men to death with a shovel' fix soon... well... I don't know what I'll do!

Posted by Venatio

So is there a Part 6 coming anytime soon?

Posted by Taiyo

Yeah, I wish these would be put up more regularly. They can't take that long to edit, right?

Posted by RAGEosaurus

ok, seriously..... where's part 6? Don't let the best series on GB go the way of Farmville...

Posted by GraveyardPolka

@Venatio said:

So is there a Part 6 coming anytime soon?

Perhaps they have literally been scared to death?

Posted by fazzle

@Chaddicus said:

@Venatio said:

So is there a Part 6 coming anytime soon?

Perhaps they have literally been scared to death?

Oh that would be an absolutely DELIGHTFUL episode

Posted by KarlPilkington

@Chaddicus said:

@Venatio said:

So is there a Part 6 coming anytime soon?

Perhaps they have literally been scared to death?

RIP Fear Gauntlet.

Edited by ProfessorEss

It's almost as though these guys don't wanna become men. The only thing that scares me about the Fear Gauntlet is no more Fear Gauntlet.

To be fair, it was only three days ago. Still, get on it Lemodega!! (yeah that's right, I typed that)

Posted by Milkman

For every day a new Fear Gauntlet is not posted, I'm going to beat a homeless man to death with a fire axe. You have been warned.

Posted by Deusx

I hate you guys. Get me my fix now. I'm really starting to panic now. This drugs will have to suffice...

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

I'm guessing these guys do this like the endurance run. They record for a while (maybe 2 hours) on...Sunday was it (whatever day they come in to the office and can do this) and, after editing it, they upload chunks throughout the week. My guess is they've either run out of footage and have to record more or they only have enough for one more video before recording again.

Also, Parchment v2 lags when I type >_<

Posted by Shadowjester

Please tell me this series is continuing :) Don't be so afraid of monster closets that you don't come back!.

Posted by Cincaid

The lack of new Fear Gauntlets is bringing me to drink and moan. Please remedy this depressing situation Lemon/Matt.

Posted by NeutralDensity

I read on MattBodega's profile page that they were too busy doing Gears of War 3 videos, but will record more Fear Gauntlet videos next week. Excellent! :D

Posted by r3t

Awesome as always, hope a new one pops up soon! And yeah, I care more about you guys finishing Condemned than necessarily finishing the wall.

Posted by rjayb89

The Giant Bomb community is not a coat that you hang in the closet then pick it up when you're ready to wear it. Its life goes on. It's not supposed to be here for you, you're supposed to be here for it.

Posted by Castiel

Well apparently the fear gauntlet is dead. I guess we are never going to see Lemodega, thanks ProfessorESS, play Amnesia.



Posted by obscurefan

Hope that after you get done with the Gears of War content that we can see some more of this, they're insanely fun. Keep up the good work guys.

Edited by superfunhappygun

As if the internet isn't rife with Gears of War content yet. It's come a long way from being a daily show to a weekly episode :(

You know, I still have 8 Quick Looks, the last TNT and all of the premium content to watch, and yet it's this that I somehow can't wait to see.

Posted by tourgen

R.I.P. Fear Gauntlet. It was getting pretty good too. I will miss it.

Posted by jelyk

At least get to the mannequins!

Posted by FateOfNever

I miss the Fear Gauntlet. I'm starting to worry that at the pace they're going with other stuff going on and with how long they're spending on Condemned, that we may not actually get to see all of the games on the Gaunlet List. Which would make me very sad. As amusing as Condemned has been so far, I'd still really like to see them make it to Fatal Frame and Amnesia.

Posted by SM5240

Ugh. Totally thought this was a new Fear Gauntlet thread for a second.

Posted by MightyDuck

Still holding out hope that we'll see Part 6 this week.

Posted by Slaker117

The Fear Gauntlet must continue!

Edited by Milkman

Never count on a fucking intern to get something done. We should have known, people.

Edited by Soapy86

@SM5240 said:

Ugh. Totally thought this was a new Fear Gauntlet thread for a second.

This. :[

I really love this series and hope they continue it soon.

As far as Condemned is concerned, it would be great if they made it through the school as that's by far the best and scariest part of Condemned in my opinion, but it's pretty deep into into the game so I won't count on it. I'd gladly settle for the department store as an endpoint though. If I remember correctly, they're fairly close to it as well.

Posted by RAGEosaurus

"stay tuned for the next episode."


Posted by Barrock

Is this dead? If so, I have a sad.

Posted by Fattony12000

I asked Matt on Steam when the next episode would be up, and he said Monday (the 19th...two days ago).


Posted by BulletproofMonk


Posted by shinigami420

@SM5240 said:

Ugh. Totally thought this was a new Fear Gauntlet thread for a second.


Posted by Maxtown

In the comments for the Lego Universe video, when asked it was replied "It will return this week" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59MWndsDZ6M

Posted by TheWyotee93

Where the hell is part 6? Im surprisingly invested in this thing guys!

Posted by forestofdeath

You can't just back of of this commitment now, guys. We...depend on you both. :(

Posted by TwoLines

Interns still need to learn a few things. Supply and demand, that's why the ER was such a hit. Every day a new video. I understand a situation when there's no video for a couple of days. But it happened at least a couple of times now. And it was established as a "5 days a week" feature.

Trust me, Fear Gauntlet would have way more views if you would upload these everyday.