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Posted by Vager

Looks like the URL I've been using to display the page is now giving a 404 error. It doesn't seem like I can now use any number I want on the video section so I had to replace one of the existing categories. I chose the Trailers category as I would consider that to be the least important of them all. I hope that's fine for the people who still use this.

Just download the extension from the first post again. Make sure you uninstall the previous one if you still have it.

Posted by ICryCauseImEmo

Wow this is amazing thanks!

Posted by zameer

So glad I ran into this. Incredible job.

Posted by Vager

Due to the recent changes on the Giantbomb's YouTube Channel. I changed it so it becomes a hub for Intern/Community content only.

Should be easier to keep tabs on the Intern's content this way.

Posted by wordfalling

This is a great extension, been using it since Ethan pointed it out on twitter. The only bug I've run across is once in while the Free to Play category returns an error which I've unhelpfully never written down (sorry about that, next time).

Great work Vager!

Edited by Vager

Updated Tested's stylesheet to match the new site.

Let it be known that I did this before the new Tested site launched!

Also forgot I did this. For people who don't have firefox/chrome or don't want to install anything: http://www.vager.net/gbyoutube/giantbomb.php. It's the same thing minus the giantbomb.com integration.

Posted by minotaka

Good job!

Posted by mewarmo990

Wow, this is amazing. It integrates into the WM sites seamlessly, like it was always there. Bravo, @Vager.

Posted by Matthew

Sweet job man. The Interns have actually been putting out some quality stuff, glad to see not only someone else thinks so, but is taking initiative and promoting it the best way they know how. Cheers mate.

Posted by DigTheDoug

Just want to give another thanks because this script is fantastic! Great job!

Posted by alexisg

@Vager: Nice Job! Very cool stuff. I have zero experience with these grease monkey scripts but this is nice work. Thanks for the contributions as always.

Posted by Cincaid

@Vager: Yay, working again. Thanks!

Edited by Vager

@Cincaid: @Creamypies: @Defias: Whoops! Forgot to replace my local address. It's updated now.

Just redownload the extension again.

Posted by Butano

@Defias said:

@Creamypies said:

@Cincaid said:

@Vager: Downloaded the latest update (removed the old file first), but I can't get it to work since then. It just says it can't connect to server

Same problem.

Same here.

Posted by Defias

@Creamypies said:

@Cincaid said:

@Vager: Downloaded the latest update (removed the old file first), but I can't get it to work since then. It just says it can't connect to server

Same problem.

Edited by Creamypies

@Cincaid said:

@Vager: Downloaded the latest update (removed the old file first), but I can't get it to work since then. It just says it can't connect to server

This is what I'm seeing.
Posted by Cincaid

@Vager: Downloaded the latest update (removed the old file first), but I can't get it to work since then. It just says it can't connect to server

Posted by Vager

Here's the last update and It's a big one!

You'll be able to browse the entire youtube library now and I've added youtube pages on all the other Whiskey Media sites.

If you are active on the other whiskey sites and want to manage their community videos category, give me a pm and I'll set it up so you can manage it through your youtube account.

And that's it! I've done what I wanted to do for this. I'll to keep fixing issues that rise up, but I'm done making any major changes to this.

Posted by Vager

@DanielComfort: Haha, thanks! I honestly had no idea how I was going to do this in the beginning. I usually try to learn this stuff and build something that serves no real purpose for anybody other than myself. But, doing hardcoredave.com with AlistarCat and MisterChief a few weeks ago proved to be a great learning experience on building something can be used and shared by a community and this was no different. I shall continue doing stuff like this in the future, cause I absolutely love doing it!

Posted by DanielComfort

@Vager: Man, you are just simply-fucking-awesome. Thanks again for doing all this.

Edited by Vager

Did a bunch of updates today.

  • People will notice a message at the top now asking for you to update the extension. This will message will disappear after the update.
  • I've added a community category which I filled up with videos done by the Giant Bomb community. I'll continue adding more as they come.
  • People using the white version of Giant Bomb get their own page styling matching the rest of the site.
  • Also did a few fixes with the youtube page link locations around the website.

I'm almost feature complete! All that's left is pagination!

Posted by Hector

Great job duder, using it now!

Posted by Zimbo

This is great. Good enough to be an official feature.

Posted by Vager

Added playlist categories. You can sort through Fear Gauntlet, Free to Play and How to Win videos now.

Posted by ShadowVirus

Got it working perfectly on Firefox for OSX, haven't had as much luck with Safari.

Posted by NekuCTR

More awesome code work. keep it up duder!

Edited by Daouzin

Awesome, downloaded and installed. Works perfectly!


Posted by TheSilentTruth

Goddamn! One less reason to go to YouTube. I'm amazed.

Posted by coakroach

Nice one dude.

Posted by EmuLeader

Absolutely awesome. I bet alot of people aren't even aware of that stuff, so putting it on the site is great. I hope people are checking out the rad community section, cause things like this improve the site and prove the greatness of the community.

Posted by Vager

Fixed some of the issues that people have found. I'll be keeping a simple change log on the top post.

Posted by supaman900s


Posted by DanielComfort

Hey, this is slick. Thanks a lot for posting this, and thanks for noticing the work us interns are doing, as of late!

Edited by Milkman

This is awesome, dude. Great job. The YouTube channel is always dropping stealth shit on the channel without warning like these free-to-play videos they're doing.

One problem I found is that on Chrome, I can't seem to full screen the video.

Posted by natetodamax

This seems pretty rad. I'll be sure to check it out next time I'm on my computer. Good work duder!

Posted by wordfalling

Nice one!

Posted by rargy

Can't read the video titles on the white version of the site (unless you mouse over them). Other then that, this is pretty awesome.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Works like a charm! That was super cool.

Posted by Vager

@nrh79: Nope, I didn't know about that. Did some research on the issue, doesn't seem like I can do anything about it. I'm using an iframe to load the page and they don't like middle click scrolling for whatever reason.

@ShadowVirus: It could work other browsers, try this: http://www.pcworld.com/article/184108/use_greasemonkey_scripts_in_ie_chrome_and_safari.html. It should work on OSX with at least FF and Chrome. Can't really test it though, as I don't have a Mac.

Posted by ShadowVirus

This is cool, does it only work for Chrome and FF, and does it work on OSX?

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Sounds great!

Posted by MaFoLu


Now make it official...

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

Keep it up.

Posted by probablytuna

That's wicked, awesome dude!

Posted by Scooper

That's super cool, man. Works like a charm.

Edited by NathHaw

Just installed it. Did a quick view of the videos page, and I saw the youtube option show up. Very nice. Thanks.

Edit: I've noticed that the mouse wheel button doesn't activate when I press it is for easier scrolling on the youtube section. Didn't know if you knew about that.

Posted by Dylabaloo

I have no idea how you did this but it is really cool.

Posted by MetalGearSunny

That's pretty awesome! 

Posted by ethan

Whoa this sounds pretty cool. Hey I made that custom Val Kilmer / Carrie Anne Moss for Rorie's YouTube video.

We'll check this out and will promote it to the Rad Stuff on the home page.

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