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Posted by Retro_Electro

Worth the wait!

Posted by rjayb89

Had a good feeling that I'd see Arthur Gies' name (aegis) up in this somewhere.

Posted by Animasta

prepare to gears

Posted by L1B3RATION

Can't wait untill next week!

Posted by yoob

Wait. Haven't we done this already? Twice?

Posted by cap123

I wonder how well this will sell? Of course it's a behemoth, but coming out just as work/college is starting, and with rivals coming out closer to the holidays...

Of course it will do brilliantly but perhaps worse than the second.

Posted by rmanthorp

@Joeku said:

Quick look to the end.



Posted by Zurgfrog

Been waiting to see some longer playtime to see if I want to buy or just skip over

Posted by Oldirtybearon

Normally I'd watch this, but I want to be spoiler-free for September 20th.

Goddamn I can't wait.

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I have actually never played a gears game yet

Posted by leejunfan83

why am i still up it's 3 in the morning

Posted by golguin

DOM! ANYA! Me and my cousin have this pre ordered and ready to go come Tuesday.

Posted by Milpool


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Stayed up late for this! Awesome
This looks stunning visually =D
All you need for Ice T is to like the Gears facebook page

Posted by TheYear20XX


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Quick look to the end.

Posted by Kanden

Game looks rad

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