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Edited by mikeeegeee

Time well spent? Probably not. No, it wasn't a constant stream of work over the span of two years, but I'm sure the hour total is somewhere between 200 and 300 hours. It's the only thing of its size and scale I've ever attempted, and it will be the only painting of this magnitude that I attempt for at least a few more decades.

I hesitate to call it done, because when I look at it, I can't help but see areas that I could make better. At some point, though, I figure you've just gotta move on. I created this at the behest of a friend who commissioned it.

And to provide a sense of scale, here's me holding it:

Before anyone rails on me for wasting two years on a canvas that, from an artistic standpoint isn't that good, I'll save you the time: I know. Still, it was an educational experience on a number of levels, and it's cool to say that I worked on something for the span of two years. Hopefully you dig it.

Edited by LiquidS

Don't think it is a waste of time, I have probably spent 200hours on this site but at least you have something to show for your time.

Pretty cool, good work.

Posted by pieman32

Experience is experience, thats a great painting dude. I wish I could draw half as well. My circles end up looking like a fucking finger painting. Glad to see there is talent in the community :)

Edited by ProfessorEss

Beyond the level of it being A LOT of valuable practice, I think it's a straight up fantastic piece man.

I hope and assume your friend is very happy?

Posted by jetsetwillie

great work. im not art critic but i like what i see.

Posted by minotaka

Yeah thats awesome dude!

Posted by IBurningStar

Color me impressed. I like it.

Posted by Swoxx

Holy shit. Good job mate!

Posted by procrasturbate

keep it up!

Posted by imsh_pl

Holy molly Batman, that looks awesome. Great job and time well spent.

Posted by Joker369

Looks awesome. Great work!

Posted by laserbolts

Nice job dude looks sweet

Posted by Mars_Cleric

that's awesome mate, you should be proud of yourself

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

I'd buy it.

Posted by BeachThunder

Very cool; reminds me of Reg Mombassa's work.

Posted by KarlPilkington

That is really good.

Posted by Sanj

Awesome job man! Time well spent if you ask me.

Posted by Crixaliz

That is brilliant! Well done!

Posted by Vager

Your commitment to it is pretty damn amazing. I could never work on something for that long.

Finally finishing it must of been a hella of a thrill.

Posted by Vexxan

Time well spent, sir!

Posted by Wes899

Looks rad.

Working on anything for a long period of time feels good. Great sense of satisfaction. Well done buddddddy.

Posted by JammyJesus

I kind of want to hug it. I don't know why.

Posted by RIDEBIRD

That looks great, it soothes me.

Posted by Still_I_Cry

I thought it was pretty awesome. It is great that you have that kind of dedication as well.

Edited by valrog

Whoa, that thing is huge. Nevertheless, I think it turned out great.

Posted by zameer

@mikeeegeee: Oh come off it OP, you know that's a fucking amazing piece of work.

Post more stuff if you've got it, I'd definitely love to check it out

Posted by CaLe

I easily shit on things and even I think this is good.

Posted by LetsRockBaby

That seems to me like 2 years well spent. Magnificent painting man.

Posted by 49th

I like it, it's cool how you've used small brush strokes.

The proportions looks a bit off though... the dog is almost as tall as the man and the frisbee is just a little smaller than the dog. Even with that perspective the dog would be too big compared to the man if you moved it back.

Don't get much of a sense of speed from the dog or frisbee either... looks almost like they're just floating in mid-air. Just small criticisms though, it's interesting.

Posted by left4doof

Awesome duder.

Posted by SSully

Anyone who says that you wasted your time is an idiot. That is great work man, you should be really proud.

Posted by Bobby_The_Great

@mikeeegeee: Any work of art, regardless of how much time spent, is time well spent. Now you will always have something to leave behind. Your kids can see it, grandkids and so on. When you die, you will have left something behind that can always let people know that you did something. That's the beauty of art. Also, it's really good!

Posted by Vodun

I'd hang it on my wall.

Posted by ViciousAnchovy

That's good work. I'm no artist, but I find it hard just to fill an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper when I'm putting a serious effort into a drawing, so I can understand working on something on and off over a long period of time.

Posted by StrikeALight

That is fucking fantastic! Great job, and time well spent.

It reminds me some of David Hockney's canvas paintings.

Posted by amomjc

Gorgeous man, definitely a work of art and not a waste of time. Kudos to you!

Posted by pixieface

That's lovely! I really like the different shapes you created using the darker paints, especially in the lower right corner when the trees start to become more geometric. Good on you for having such an incredible attention span. I quit one drawing after 30 minutes because I get distracted by food and shiny things.

You should post more of your work. It's really interesting.

Posted by RiotBananas

I spent 3 years playing World of Warcraft and have a few collections of pixels to show for it.

You win.

Posted by JCTango

Dude, that is awesome! Keep it up, man!

Posted by MEATBALL

It looks great, congratulations on finishing it!

Posted by CookieMonster

Well done, mate!

Posted by TekZero

Great job! But I question the need for the 8/10/2011 mark on the painting. I'm not sure it flows well with the rest of the work.

Posted by TheHT
@mikeeegeee said:

I hesitate to call it done, because when I look at it, I can't help but see areas that I could make better.

That's because you're an artist lol.
Looks good duder.
Posted by SamSharp505

Brilliant :)

Posted by Aetheldod

@TekZero said:

Great job! But I question the need for the 8/10/2011 mark on the painting. I'm not sure it flows well with the rest of the work.

You do realize that its the date on the camera .....

Posted by nickux

Don't be so humble, duder. That looks great!

Posted by iam3green

that is pretty cool man. i do like it. it's a pretty big scale right there.

Posted by ZeForgotten

That looks great, nice job

Posted by matthias2437

That's actually pretty sweet. It isn't a waste of time at all, if you enjoyed it then it was time well spent.

Posted by Marz

now cut off your ear, it will make your paintings infinitely more valuable.