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Posted by SumDeus

I really like it!

Posted by jonano

Nice work man looks beautiful and hey its better to spend 2 years doing something great than just farting some old shit out in a few days

Posted by UnrealDP

Wow, that's some great work duder! The experience you gained is priceless and i'm sure you'll become an artist at large in no time!

Posted by Hizang

There is no such thing as wasting time, but man that looks awesome!

Posted by Astras

Awesome, did your 3 year old nephew help you with the project also?

Edited by kingclaw

Orange and teal. Yes I said that.

But seriously, it is really beautiful, i like it. It reminds me of draws from a book I had in elementary school, but way more better.

Posted by nick_verissimo

I liked it so much that I made it my wallpaper. Good stuff!

Posted by Twisted_Scot

It would take me 2 years to paint the dog alone, and even then it would probably look like a cow with jaundice or something. Nice one!

Posted by Killroycantkill

That painting is really good! Don't think it's a waste of time.

Posted by OllyOxenFree

That dog is so going to die. Very symbolic.

Posted by thegoldencat7

Very nice, I like it.

Posted by hoossy

I'd buy it. If I had money

Posted by FengShuiGod

Awesome. Sometimes it's just cool to spend a long time on something your not that familiar with. The sense of accomplishment and knowledge gained is worth it, even if whatever you are doing turns out like crap. Your painting looks great though, so congrats!

Posted by BoG

Wow, that is excellent, man. Very fine work. 
I'm also impressed that you spent two years on one project. I'm hardly capable of dedicating 15 minutes.
Posted by JJOR64

Looks stylish. :)

Posted by Fattony12000


Posted by OllyOxenFree

@Fattony12000 said:


Perfect avatar+comment combo.

Posted by Jimbo

Happiest dog I ever saw, man.

Posted by TekZero

@Aetheldod: You do realize that I was being facetious right?

Still good work tho.

Posted by pplus0440

looks great! Sell or not to sell...hmmm.

Posted by BraveToaster

I like it. You don't give yourself enough credit.

Posted by Marzy

It's fantastic. Great work and well done for putting in years of effort into it.

Posted by Patman99

That looks pretty damn cool. Im not an art expert by any means but the painting seems to have some texture to it. A very hard thing to do for any artist.

Posted by dancingpolkabear

That is awesome

Posted by TehFlan

It really does look amazing and I love how positive the community is being about it. Totally time well spent.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Great work!

Posted by CrimsonAvenger

Well done, really well done.

Posted by oliveshark

Marvelous. Amazing. Words don't do it justice, but the time spent on this was far from wasted. The hours people spend on something that will never be reflected back at oneself are countless. Be proud.

Posted by Guided_By_Tigers

looks pretty slick.

Posted by luchadeer797

@mikeeegeee: nice job man, i got a van gogh-esque vibe from it in your use of short brush strokes to form the picture. is this oil or acrylic though?

Posted by Tan

Love your style! Definitely something I'd want hanging in my house.

Posted by xdaknightx69

nice work

Posted by PeasantAbuse

I think that looks really cool.

Posted by Gerhabio

@Vegsen said:

Time well spent, sir!
Posted by jayjonesjunior

Nice work.

Posted by Redbullet685

Very nice! I like the colors a lot.

Posted by Elusionar

Sure beats waisting time on a mmo. Great work.

Posted by Klaimore

That look absolutely amazing great job! So when are you going to start selling some paintings!

Posted by Rawrnosaurous

I like it, aside from the obvious areas that could use some touching up here and there, I think it's a great first attempt at a piece of work of that size.

Posted by SuperWristBands

I just wanna jump in and say: Dude, that looks really good.

Posted by NegativeCero

I like how you immediately expect everyone to shit on your painting. I'm no artist, but I think it looks good. Besides I have to respect anyone who puts that much work into anything, especially if they are proud of it and felt it helped them grow.

Posted by Gamer_152

Very nice stuff. I really like it.

Posted by TheSheepherder

...........You killed the dog.......

Though it's not a waste of time, it looks pretty cool!

Posted by N7

That looks classy as SHIT! Nice going dude. I'd hang that on my wall in a heartbeat.

Posted by Claude

As much as I see some Van Gogh, I see more Rousseau. Good work, keep working.

Posted by DjCmeP

I'd buy that for a dollar.

Posted by Meteora

Your painting actually looks pretty neat and creative. I totally dig it.

Posted by Galiant

What I wanna know is...WHO THREW THE FRISBEE?!

Time well spent! Great piece.

Posted by GunslingerPanda

This right here is pretty dope.

Posted by hinderk

Awesome work dude! Would love to see some of your other work.