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Posted by EmoMcGee


All right, I checked it out. Vanity purchases are no big deal to me. They don't really affect the game, other than making your weapon look ridiculous, in Gears of War 3's case. My point was that they specifically listed game updates as being free, as if handing over money to fix a game-breaking bug should ever be an option.

Nitpicking at this point, I guess.

Posted by JohnZimmerman

always wanted to check it out

Posted by Scodiac

@WinterSnowblind: Right. I agree. I never implied that what they've done is horrible or anything. It was expected.

Posted by Hyperfludd

Limiting chat is my only real gripe here.

Posted by MeatSim

I don't think I am gonna pay a monthly subscription for just one game ever again so this is a good move.

Posted by StrainedEyes

@Hellstrom said:

Too bad the game is horrible. There's no real end game to it. You get the lastest armor then you PvP all day/ stand around the Hall Of Doom/ Police Station for months until new content releases. You did this too late Sony tons of good people already left the game for their disapointment in waiting for content then when it releases its crap.

Invest yourself in a PC if you don't have one. Much better MMO's out there.

Why would investing in a new PC be a better option than playing a mediocre MMO for free? It's free, and getting one character up to 30 is fun enough for what it is.

Edited by Hellstrom

Cause there are better F2P MMO's on PC. This MMO was so bad they shouldn't have been able to charge in the first place. I think most of the hardcore have left for other games. All that remains really is the hardcore Dc comic fanboys who cling onto this game because its a "Dream come true" for them.

@Hyperfludd said:

Limiting chat is my only real gripe here.

Its not like you'll be able to use chat on consoles anyway unless you have a super deluxe HD television. Sony fucked people with standard TV's. The text will be so small you can't even read what anyone is saying. When i say small, i mean smaller than the original Dead Rising text.

Posted by Nettacki

@jakob187: Also, Lord of the Rings Online.

Posted by Corvak

Despite the typical cash shop rage, I feel its a good model for an MMO. It takes the worry out of getting your moneys worth each month. If done right, it can breathe new life into an older game. In this case I think some fresh content is also wanted, however. DCUO has fun combat Fandango interesting world, you just end up doing everything fairly quickly.

Posted by RichieJohn

Never played an MMO so I'll look forward to playing it.

Posted by MAD_JIHAD

Usually games go F2P before they die...

Posted by Dross

I'll give it a try once it's up to download for free on PSN.

Posted by benpicko

I think Guild Wars had the best MMO business model. Buy the game, play for free.