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Posted by Babylonian

Fantastic article! My only issue: the subhead "GameFly releases a statement emphasizing the fact that the company still exists, and is good at things" seems to accidentally imply that GameFly being good at things is a fact. THAT IS NOT A FACT. GAMEFLY IS THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD.

Posted by PenguinDust

It's funny. The day they announce the price hike their stock jumped to over $300 a share. Yesterday it closed at $143. If they hadn't done anything; no price hike, no changes in services, no splitting the company, shares would probably still be around $250 which is what they were before this whole escapade began. The bright side is now is the perfect time to invest if you are interested in the company. They still (in spite of all this) have very few worthwhile competitors.

Posted by Gildermershina

You know what I like? Multiple voices in my news stream. I like that everyone in Whiskey Media writes their own way, and you can pretty much tell who it is without reading the name. And if for some reason I didn't like this one guy, I'd maybe not read those articles.

Back to the topic. Here in the UK, we still have Blockbuster. I haven't used a service of their's since the 90s.

Posted by morrelloman

I like Alex's headlines. This article is informative.

Posted by YukoAsho

@Alex said:

@jasondesante: The people who run this website are well aware of the way I write articles. If they had an issue with it, I'm fairly certain it would have been brought to my attention long ago. As it is, nothing of the sort has been said to me.

And while you can sit here and point to some people who simply don't dig my style--I won't sit here and pretend they don't exist--I can point to as many, if not more who happen to enjoy what I do. Sorry you don't enjoy it, but I'm actually quite fond of the way I do things, and it seems like many of our users are as well. I do, in fact, take pride in my work. I'm quite proud of my writings, this article included. I'm not going anywhere, and I'm not going to completely change the way I do things because a few people opt to bitch up a storm. So, hey, that's pretty much that.

I find Mr. Desante to be quite reasonable. Your articles of late aren't so much meant to inform as to inflame. You put your dull, witless brand of "humor" ahead of the information, and effectively keep the reader from coming up with their own opinions based on the article. Increasingly, you are more and more mean-spirited and spiteful, taking pleasure only in the mocking of others. Reminds me of another troll, really.

I stopped using Gamespot much after Gerstmann-gate because I thought I could find more integrity here. However, it's becoming more and more apparent that I was woefully mistaken in that assessment. It's pretty obvious why you've turned a tin ear to rational detractors. It's the same reason anything of any entertainment value is being hidden behind the paywall. It's because Giant Bomb is increasingly showing that it cannot exist beyond the cult of personality that has developed around you, Jeff, Ryan, Brad and Vinny.

What jasondesante and I are saying aren't slamming you for the hell of it. Were that the case, he and I would have likely found another place to call home. Lord knows there are no small number of options out there in the vast series of tubes that is the Internet. No, we speak our minds because we want the site bettered. The example he brings with 1up is absolutely on the dot. When people develop an echo chamber around them and only allow mindless praise to enter, nothing good will ever come of it.

Perhaps an echo chamber of mindless praise is just what you want, and if that's the case, feel free to say so. However, to assume that people offering criticism are somehow just doing it out of spite, or just "bitching," is the height of myopia. There are legitimate improvements that can be made to your writing; less snark, more facts, perhaps being a tad bit less mean-spirited overall. I personally would like to see you take these suggestions to heart instead of simply brushing them aside because someone dares to say something other than "OMG AWSUM ALEX!"


Hey, if no one else, know that I'm paying attention and agreeing fully with you. Not everyone here has blindly fallen in line with the personality cult.

Edited by Chop

Hey, Alex! You suck!

J/k <3 Alex is my favorite Whiskey personality just behind Rorie.

I'm Canadian and I know we'll never be able to have a proper mail rental service as our postal service is seven different kinds of ass. So yay for everyone that can take advantage of this?

Posted by Alex

@YukoAsho: @jasondesante: Let me put this another way, so we can just end this topic and get back to the subject that actually started this entire topic.

I learned a strong lesson a long time ago in this business. If you try to please everybody, you end up pleasing nobody. The way I write is my voice, my personality. I could no sooner completely change that voice than I could hack off one of my own limbs. It's me. You are, in effect, asking me to be someone else other than me. I don't do that, because that wouldn't be true to the idea of what Giant Bomb is, which is a group of guys being themselves while also covering the game industry. That extends to the rest of Whiskey Media as well.

It's nice that suddenly you guys think you're the kings of reason, especially after comments along the lines of "Alex should be fucking fired" and pathetic namecalling like "Alex 'king douchebag' Navarro" or whatever the hell it was you wrote. That's not useful feedback to anyone, it's bitchy, and precisely as snarky and mean-spirited as you claim me to be.

Simple feedback like "I wish you pointed out more specific facts" or "I wish there was a little less snark here and there" is stuff I can absolutely take to heart. I do listen when someone has a reasonable point. Coming at me insults blazing is not a good way to get anyone's attention. It's precisely as immature and dickish as you make me out to be.

Posted by DG991

@Chop: Alex is so over the top that he should be funny.

It's a medical mystery why he isn't.

Edited by Hellstrom

Adding to my other post. I wonder if Netflix can also beat Gamefly's holiday shipping. For me Gamefly has taken "no mail on holidays" into consideration. There were many times they shipped me games 3-4 days before it actualy released because the game's actual release was close to a holiday.

Posted by CastroCasper

Qwikflix is a good name. Netster sounds like an amazingly outdated router.

Edited by dprabon

"splitting out their business into two distinct businesses that each do half of the thing the original business already did. Not that any company would be so frivolous in its business planning to act with such rash and bizarre behavior. That would just be suicidal."

hahahahah, I get it... love the sarcasm. Fantastic.

Netflix is really messing this up here. I thought the idea was to add more services in one bundle.

Much like splitting up a Swiss Army Knife, I like the idea of having a spoon with my knife... because I can.

but a Swiss Army Knife without a blade and just a spoon?... what's the point?

Edited by jasondesante

@Alex: You have every right to do what you do, and you never are a mean person, you just add a lot of color to explaining a situation. It has been hard for me to understand that because of those sometimes moments. The way you write stuff is definitely unique, and honestly after hearing you explain some of it, and trying hard to think about your point of view, I can do nothing but respect. I'm not in a place to influence you, not convincingly, and you have every right to write an article about Jason DeSante the most unsucessful musician ever and just tear it apart with all your skills. So, respectful truce?

Posted by Alex

@jasondesante: Both those comments were in this forum. The guy asking me to be fired was the one whose comment started this whole chain, which, IIRC, you specifically agreed with. I do recall that you said you were trying to approach me with respect, which I appreciate. The douchebag comment was something YukoAkusho specifically said earlier, which is why I mentioned it there. I was trying to lump two separate discussions into one, so my bad on that front. That said, you can't say 'NO ONE' is doing that, because two of the people you've been talking to in this thread did exactly those things.

Can we end this on a truce? I don't think you and I are ever going to see eye-to-eye on how I do things. I have no intention of changing the core style of my writing--I am, and have always been a sarcastic person, and by my dying breath, I will bring dat snark. As I said, I am open to thoughtful criticism and am more than willing to talk things out with users who have a problem with what I do, and I'm not above making adjustments based on overall feedback from the audience. But I need that to be a respectful, thoughtful conversation. I think the issue I had with you ultimately came by proxy of things other people were saying in this thread, and it all got lumped together. Sometimes it's best not to try and join the chorus when the chorus is a bunch of shouty, angry people, you know?

Posted by Swoxx

@Alex: It's all good bro, ignore the haters. I like you plenty

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I haz both services..

Looking for first good way to jump off the Gamefly ship. Keeping and eye on this new netflix gaming stuff.

Last paragraph made me laugh pretty hard.

Posted by damnboyadvance

Hataz gonna hate.