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Posted by PhilESkyline

Just moved into my place and I need a solid desktop PC to start broadcasting my games online as well as playing a few here and there and media editing purposes. Mom called me this morning and said "What do you want for your birthday?" First thought was a gaming PC or something compatible to it but I can't think of any good brands or prices. I know there's a desktop deal out there besides Dell. The gift will probably be shared between Mom, Sis, and Bro so split the total price 3 ways. I will also need a monitor. Can you help? Thanks in advance Bomb Lovers!

Posted by MikkaQ

Hmm the prebuilt desktop PC isn't exactly the most popular market right now. People aren't really competing for your dollar value compared to laptops, and the choices aren't really great. If you can you should build a desktop, it's not too complicated, you get exactly what you need and not a penny more, plus it's satisfying and cheaper.

If you really must then honestly what brand you buy won't matter much, just find a good deal on a machine closest to what you're looking for.

Posted by Sooty

Build your own! You will get far more for your money.Have a kind soul at Tested spec you a machine, then do a bit of reading and watch a few YouTube videos to find out how to build it.

It's nowhere near as daunting as it may seem, building a PC up is a piece of cake. The only remotely hard part is wiring up the front of your case (the buttons) to your motherboard, and that's not really even hard. Just annoying.

Posted by DystopiaX

Go to tested, have them help you build your shit. You need a solid budget/max amount of money you're willing to spend as well, it's hard to offer advice if we don't know your budget.

Posted by Subjugation

Unless you are a technological caveman, you are totally capable of building your own pc. I can't justify pre-built machines knowing how they mark items up for no reason other than to increase their profit margins. Anyway, as is par for the course for this kind of thread, you'll want to explain in better detail what you'll be playing, what media editing you are referencing, and any possible budget constraints you know of.

Posted by nemt

There are a few amazingly solid 80Plus Platinum certified (high efficiency, low heat and noise) PSUs out there now. I highly recommend you invest a good amount of your budget on a quality PSU, apart from the mobo it's the most important part to not cheap out on.

Posted by AiurFlux

Never ever buy a prebuilt. Build one yourself. Firstly you get the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Secondly you can pick and choose components that will be of a higher quality. Thirdly it's cheaper with a better price:performance ratio. Fourthly you can actually get better warranty since most parts offer anywhere from a 3-5 years and sometimes a lifetime warranty, much better than spending 150 bucks or more on an "extended warranty". If you post your budget I'm sure some people here, myself included, could help you pick compatible parts.

I mean right now I could say;

  • Corsair Obsidian 650D Case
  • Intel Core i7 2600k CPU
  • LG WH12LS30 Blu-Ray Burner
  • MSi GTX 560Ti Twin Frozr II GPU
  • Western Digital Caviar Black 1.5 TB HDD
  • Corsair Vengence 8GB (2x4GB) 1600 RAM
  • Corsair HX750 PSU
  • RAZER BlackWidow Keyboard
  • RAZER DeathAdder Mouse

Might be a bit much at around 1700 total, but there's an option for you. You could save yourself about 100-200 bucks if you drop Intel for AMD (make sure you get an AMD motherboard as well), more if you wait for the new Intel and AMD CPU's to come out later this year (hopefully), and more further still if you go with a cheaper case, only a DVD Burner, an older GPU, slightly less powerful PSU, and a cheaper monitor. There's always options.