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Posted by Vager

rjayb89 posted a suggestion on the Bug Reporting forum about a having twitter account that would tweet when a live show is about to start. I found this to be a good idea, so I built a twitter bot that will tweet when a live is going to start soon and when it goes live.

Here it is: http://twitter.com/#!/GB_Live_Shows

It basically checks every 10 minutes to see if there is a countdown timer at the top of a page on GIant Bomb. If there is, it'll tweet that a live show is starting soon. Once the count down timer switches to saying it's live, it'll tweet again saying that the show is now live while also providing a link to the chat.

I'll eventually get the bot to tweet all the shows that happen on the rest of the whiskey sites.

Posted by Kyle

Cool! Well done.

Posted by Dany

I get an email every time they go live

Posted by yoshimitz707

I get an email every time they go live

But this also tells you before they go live!
Posted by SSully

Pretty good idea, thanks

Posted by evilrazer

Wow, now my confusion is gone. Thanks!

Posted by deathstriker666

Do they actually update the countdown timer when they decide to do a live stream right out of nowhere? Seems like the best notification is checking Ryan or Jeff's Twitter on a constant basis. They usually use bit.ly to link to giantbomb.com/chat at the end of every post.

Posted by AlexW00d

Dude you rule.

Posted by Vager
@deathstriker666: I'm not sure. I believe it'll at least say that the show is live up top, then it'll skip the starting soon tweet and just tweet that it's live. 
I can probably add other checks like seeing if the j.tv channel is live or not. We shall see what happens.
Posted by Video_Game_King

AHHH!! There are....so many Daves. THEY WILL ENSLAVE US ALL!!! *tears off pants, runs around screaming*

Posted by MrKlorox

Dude, fuck yes! Thanks a lot @Vager. I've been needing something like this since the new design launched. Now if I can just figure out how to make my phone notify me when it tweets.

Posted by MattyFTM

That's pretty cool. If people want notifications via text they could set up SMS twitter notifications for that account too.

Posted by Cincaid

@Vager: Awesome work!

Posted by lockwoodx

This gets a thumbs up.

Posted by louiedog

Thanks. I usually see every live show pop up, but somehow I've missed the last three streams in a row. This should help.

Posted by rjayb89

I like this.

Posted by PerryVandell

Nice going! I try to put live stuff on the "upcoming" tab as soon as I know about it, but the more coverage it gets the better.

Posted by Vexxan

Great idea!

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Great! Except I never check Twitter.

Posted by JJOR64

Great job Jeremy!

Now if there was a way it could say if it's Subscriber only then it would be perfect.

Posted by Mercy_

Well done, duder.

Posted by Vager
@JJOR64: It totally does. Well at least if the staff put [PREMIUM] in the title. 
@MooseyMcMan: I'm looking at other ways to display notifications when live streams occur. My brother is good with application programming, I might get him to make a small app that runs in Window's notification area giving a pop up when ever a live stream is going to start soon. No guarantees though. 
Like what MattyFTM mentioned, it's pretty easy to setup SMS notifications on specific twitter users. You'll never need to check twitter after setting that up.
Posted by Gamer_152

Very nice.

Posted by Bane

Thanks Vager. Getting a text when the bot detects a live stream is going to be great.

Posted by Vager

It's a very weird feeling unexpectedly getting a text message from your own creation .

Posted by Vager

fixed some issues with text spacing and html decoding showing up on some tweet delivery systems.

Posted by mostman

Very cool. Is there a reason it didn't tweet about the Random PC Game live stream today? Also - can we get it working for the other sites (specifically, Tested)?

Great work.

Posted by Vager

@mostman: It did tweet about about the Random PC Game stream, both before and after it went live.

I have the thing built to check Tested and Screened streams, but I want to test it before I put it live. Last thing I want is to mistakenly start spamming people who set it to receive text messages from the bot. I'm waiting for another Whiskey wide stream to happen. Probably will be at the Radio Show at the end of the month.

Posted by mostman

@Vager: Hmm.. odd. When I checked it right after I made that post, the last tweet was the one about the NBA2k 12. I remember noticing that it was missing because that Random PC stream had already ended. Wish I took a screen shot of it.

Posted by ABritishNerd

Thanks a lot, I'm getting the tweets sent to my phone.