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Posted by EkajArmstro

If he has to, I guess.

Posted by TechnoHermit

@Commisar123: I feel like most of us are consumer whores when it come to gaming.

Posted by Commisar123

I've gone back and forth over the years usually when my PC is no longer good enough I'll switch back to a console. I'm starting to feel like I should just switch over to PC cuz there are so few exclusives now I would rather have a computer. Of course I say that and I'll keep buy consoles for the rest of my life cuz I'm a consumer whore

Posted by dankempster

@TechnoHermit: Nice little write-up. I can definitely empathise with you. Like you, I'd always been exclusively a console gamer until recently. I signed up with Steam not long after joining Giant Bomb, mainly to re-experience the 2D Oddworld games that I'd had on PlayStation as a kid. A couple of Steam sales later, and my laptop's hard drive was chock full of games. Admittedly, my loe spec meant I couldn't run most of them, but I've dabbled with PC gaming on and off since then. My personal favourite PC gaming experiences thusfar have been Half-Life: Opposing Force, The Secret of Monkey Island, and Team Fortress Classic. With the recent purchase of a new laptop with a bit more oomph, I'm looking forward to finally getting round to checking out all those games I bought on the cheap but couldn't run. Add to that my current addiction to The Sims and you have a fellow man who's very much in agreement that we can change. I don't think I'd ever move exclusively into the PC realm of gaming, as I'm a little too attached to my consoles for that, but boy, is it great to see that whole new, previously-overlooked avenue opening up.

Posted by SethPhotopoulos

@TechnoHermit said:

@SethPhotopoulos: Understood. I'm not a writer, so when I do write something, I post it here and at my own website which, by the way, is a complete money-losing affair. I just do it for fun. Thanks for reading my post.

Sorry man. My mistake,

Posted by TechnoHermit

@SethPhotopoulos: Understood. I'm not a writer, so when I do write something, I post it here and at my own website which, by the way, is a complete money-losing affair. I just do it for fun. Thanks for reading my post.

Posted by SethPhotopoulos

@Subjugation: @TechnoHermit:

All I saw was "this was posted on" and that was the first thing that came to my mind even though i did read the post.

Posted by TechnoHermit

@Subjugation: Thank you.

Posted by Subjugation

@SethPhotopoulos: I don't think a spammer drops $50 on a membership.

Posted by kingzetta

Bah, what is a man? 
A miserable pile of secrets.

Posted by TechnoHermit

@SethPhotopoulos: Are you calling me a spammer?

Posted by TechnoHermit

I have been a console gamer all my life. I'm no fan-boy that favors one console over another. Every console and handheld that I have gamed on has brought something to the table to interest me. Starting with the Atari 2600 and going right up through to the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360, I have gamed on them all at least a little (yes, even the Pippin). In fact, the only thing that has kept me from owning every home video game console is money. Life necessitates that I spend money on things like food, clothing, and shelter, so fun sometimes takes a backseat. Fortunately growing up I had friends that were gamers too, so if I didn't have a particular game or system usually one of them would.

Despite all of the gaming, I spent relatively little time gaming on PC. I had one friend who lived nearby that gamed quite a bit on his IBM PC. I would go to his house and play Doom and Wolfenstein 3D every now and then. I played some Wizardry too, but as a kid, it just felt weird to play a game without a controller and on such a small screen too! I've had PC's since my mom brought home a Packard Bell in the late 80's. Gaming has always been a separate thing for me that had to happen away from the computer. I never gave myself a chance to get used to the mouse-and-keyboard interface so I didn't like it. But now approaching my mid-thirties, I have started to spend about half of my gaming time on a PC.

Thanks to MasterMaximus' computer savvy, I have always had a PC that was way more powerful than I actually needed for the emailing and web surfing that I did with it. That has changed in the last year or so. I started playing games like Civilization V, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Portal 2, Brink, and Super Meat Boy (which has become my favorite game of the current generation). My wife has been playing Civilization, Age of Empires, and The Sims for a few years now, and I just used to be glad that I could fire up a console while she was busy on the PC. Now I can't wait for her to get done so I can game it up on the PC. Of course MasterMaximus has been telling me for years that games on PC are generally better than their console counterparts, but like any good brother, I just blew him off and told him he didn't know what he was talking about. I think once I wrapped my brain around PC style control schemes (or, if I must, many games now support gamepads) and got a good-sized monitor, that is when PC gaming finally clicked for me.

As long as there are consoles, or at least as long some games are only available on consoles, I will play games on them. However, as long as it is relatively cheap to have better performance and better graphics on a PC, I will be spending much more time than I used to with my mouse and keyboard.

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