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Yeah big disappointment for me too. I'm a big TM fan and was hoping they'd do a TNT for a while. I got on for about two minutes before he kicked everybody.

The thing is that the "Giant Bomb Official Classic" server is the most popular server in the USA. There were almost as many people on it as there were all the other US servers combined. So I'm curious how may people there weren't even regulars at the website.

Posted by Lavos

OH MAN! I'm getting Swatch Internet Time on my TrackMania 2 Server now.

Posted by Thiago123
@BasketSnake said:

Seems like you "spared no expense" on this server.

I see what you did there
Posted by thebigJ_A

Nope. I still don't get it. I'm glad there's a game that people like so much, more power to them, but I feel like I'm watching a video game aliens play. It's in another language, with another definition of "fun" that means nothing to my human mind.

Posted by DCam

.mp3 has patent problems. Of course, streaming copyrighted music over the 'net to a random audience may be a larger problem than building a plug-in that uses a patented codec. But still.

Posted by chilibean_3

@tmj said:

@adoggz said:

does that annoying electronic noise go away?

It odd because it was fine until about 3 minutes in then high pitched something going on.

Is it funny that at first glance I assumed he meant the music? WUBWUBWUB-WAHWAHWAH

Posted by milkham

@PJ said:

@Ertard said:

@anal_diarrhea: I used to love it before it went to shit and started sounding like Transformers having sex. Honestly, it got absolutely atrocious with Skrillex and all that awful, awful, awful brostep, which has now become associated with dubstep - falsely so. The brostep that's popular now has nothing to do with dubstep, and is all talentless bullshit that sounds like shite.

If you want to hear actual dubstep, look for Digital Mystikz, Mala, Kode9, Skream (pre-2009).

Skrillex is complextro, not dubstep but whatever.

That is not a genre of music. And if people are trying to "make" complextro then they really need to stop.

I can't tell if you guys are being serious.
Posted by OneKillWonder_

@DjDonFrancisco: Now I know y'all be lovin' this shit right HERE!

Fred Durst is right. I DO love this shit. It's hilarious.

Posted by Scotto

@thebigJ_A said:

Nope. I still don't get it. I'm glad there's a game that people like so much, more power to them, but I feel like I'm watching a video game aliens play. It's in another language, with another definition of "fun" that means nothing to my human mind.

Think of it less as a racing game, and more as a puzzle game. It's all about the addiction of finding the perfect path through each run, to get the absolute best possible time.

It's why the shortest tracks are often some of the best ones - you can just restart over and over, trying to shave milliseconds of your best time on a track with some crazy ass unlicensed music playing the background.

It hearkens back to gaming around a decade ago (or more), when games would get modded all to hell, until they barely resembled the product the original creators made. I love it.

- Scott

Edited by DougQuaid

I feel like Jeff should have been driving a giant sub woofer on wheels. 
Drop that bass and throw up them X's! 

Posted by antivanti

That sesame street mix at around 1:05 is old school. Remember listening to that some 15 years ago! =)

Also I have to say that I wub dubstep! =P

Posted by AlisterCat

Hardcore Dave representing on Trackmania tracks.

Posted by DizzyMedal

@Lokno: Thanks for the list of songs.

Also I want to say that the sesame street thing was that 'Smart E - Sesame's Treet' song back in 92 (god I'm so old) but it was kind of hard to hear in the video. I could be remembering it wrong.

Posted by Yalbit

more questions please

Posted by Overwatch

Awesome show and great ending guys! :)

Posted by DT9k

Dubstep music makes me feel like an angry old man

Posted by FoxMulder

This makes me wish I had a PC to play games on!!

Posted by RVonE

Needs more Skrillex.

Posted by TheHakku

Nothing will ever top Trucks Island.

Edited by Mercer

Strangely enough, I would like to actually see the music play list on the server, it's freaking awesome lol


@Lokno said:

Loved this TNT. I operated a hat trick by suggesting music that got played (Call Your Girlfriend [Feed Me Remix]), making a track that got played (I'm Different) and playing on the server for basically the whole time! Woooo!!

I typed /music list in the server and here's the full playlist for those that are curious:

  • Lights by Klaypex
  • Where is my mind by pixies
  • No Sleep till Brooklyn by Beastie Boys (Wick-it Remix)
  • Rollin Mirrored Theory by Limp Bizkit
  • X-Files by Neo Geo
  • Jurassic Park by krookz
  • Sesame Street Techno House Mix
  • Believe by Cher
  • Call your Girlfirend by Robyn (Feed Me Remix) [I asked Jeff to add this one!]
  • Syndicate by Skrillex
  • E.T. (Katy Perry) by Klaypex

oh shii- pandora station STAT

Posted by MeatSim

The Giant Bomb server must have the best music selection in Track Mania 2.

Edited by KamikazeCaterpillar

@buzz_clik: Starting places for new dubstep fans?

Also, this.

Posted by buzz_clik

@zAMERICANLIONz: I always find this mix to be a pretty nice little collection of dubstep stuff. It's got some proper filthy tunes in there, but it's balanced with some lighter stuff.

Posted by Roger_Klotz

Dubstep sounds like robot diarrhea and bumble bee farts.

Edited by Arrested_Developer

Carhorn Brodie is a great movie.  It should definitely be a Screened bestie.

Posted by NuDimon

JRPG MANIA, 30 Second Hero for PC, where u design your own adventures and everybody tries to get the best score within 6 minutes? :D

Posted by RIDEBIRD

@PJ: What is this I don't even.

Posted by buzz_clik

Okay, I've finally finished watching this and... seriously? Sesame's Treet? Hooboy, thass some bad 90s-ass memories right there.

Posted by csl316

Such a cool game.
Surprised that my main takeaway from this is listening to Jurassic Park dubstep.

Posted by core1065


Posted by Krystal_Sackful

Funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Oh God.

Posted by McGhee

Man, they weren't kidding. The music on this server really is that bad.

Posted by VibratingDonkey


Edited by Tuggah

In case anyone needs to know, the Limp Bizkit dubstep moment happens at 34:02

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Dubstep: Because you're hell-bent to ensure being made fun of by kids in the future.

Posted by glasswall52

One of my favorite memories of Ryan & Jeff...and just really loving dumb, fun stuff. This is the reason I got into trackmania 2, and it feels empty now without this server. A wonderful legacy has absolutely been left.


Favorite TNT of all time. GODDAM, I miss Ryan!

Posted by bluefoxxy

I always come back to this episode if I need a pick me up. Gets me every time

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