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Posted by MGSolid86

@Video_Game_King: Haha, my intended purpose of my blog to help me keep track of what games I play, but if other people enjoy reading it, they're more than welcome.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Wait, you didn't play a lot of games in August, you didn't write a ton...but you posted this blog a month after it would have been relevant? How!?

Posted by MGSolid86

I didn't end up playing a lot of games during the month of August, mostly due to moving my girlfriend into her apartment and spending most of my weekends there. However, during the month of August I did pick up an iPad which has since replaced my laptop as my web-browsing device of choice. I also use it for gaming while watching Netflix, which comprised most of my gaming this month:

Death Rally (iPad): To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from a car-combat game by Remedy, the developers of Alan Wake. Turns out it's one of my favorite iPad games so far. While the controls take a little while to get use to, it's extremely addictive with plenty of unlockable vehicles, weapons and achievements.

Infinity Blade (iPad): From Chair, developers of Shadow Complex, comes an action RPG-lite. It's certainly one of the best games to show off the graphics capable on the iPad. The gameplay gets a bit repetitive, but it has me coming back every now and then to level up my character and his equipment.

Peggle (iPad): Yup, it's Peggle and the iPad version controls great!

Street Fighter III: Third Strike (XBLA): 3S is still pretty much 3S. In my opinion, it's one of the most technical fighting games and I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone who joined the Street Fighter franchise at SFIV, SSFIV or AE. I'm a fan of the micro-achievements within the game, but I'm getting destroyed online and don't have anyone near my level of play around me, so I'm not sure how much more 3S I'll play.