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Posted by TMThomsen

In the past couple of months my favourite piece of Giant Bomb content wasn't even Giant Bomb content. I'm talking about The Fear Gauntlet. I've always had an interest in horror games, so I knew it would be great when I first heard the announcement. Now, after 25 episodes and with the completion of Condemned behind us, I felt the greatest moments had to be collected. So here it is: The Best of the Fear Gauntlet.

I don't usually do a lot of video editing, so constructive criticism is very welcome.

Posted by FlamingHobo

Great compilation man, and nice editing of the Bee Gees scene!

Posted by MattBodega


Posted by Icicle7x3

Nice editing, great video.

Posted by Tasus

Pure quality!

Posted by CitizenKane

Excellent work!

Posted by Sarumarine

It's the Diet Squish montage I always wanted! Great work!

Posted by 1p

Great video! These always seem like they would take a long time to put together.

Fear Gauntlet really is one my favorite things to ever come out of Giant Bomb. I'm so glad Matt & Steve got the chance to do this.

Posted by Noccee

Awesome duder! Really nice editing!

Posted by AlmostSwedish

I love this series.

You forgot about "I've been working on a railroad, all the live long DIE!", but otherwise it was great.

Posted by dudeglove

Been looking forward to something to do a Turboman-esque thing of these vids.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

That's pretty awesome.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This has made me decide to actually watch Fear Gauntlet again, because I fell off after they finished doing Resident Evil.

Posted by gamb1t

pretty cool, kudos to oyou!

Edited by DougQuaid

Soda party!

Matt and Steve, official ambassadors of fictional sodas.

Edited by Aetheldod

Nice editing , but how come no "mind invasion"? D:

Edited by Nentisys

Nice vid!

Although I think my favorite "joke" of the Fear Gauntlet were those library references.

Posted by probablytuna

Excellent video duder and yes, the Fear Gauntlet series has become one of my favourite Giant Bomb content.

Posted by TMThomsen

Thanks for all the feedback!

@Aetheldod said:

Nice editing , but how come no "mind invasion"? D:

It's hard to decide what should be included in a compilation like this. Not every clip is equally funny or interesting, and I left out some of the clips that I was too unsure about. The "mind entering scene" was one of those, as well as "the sliding body" and countless clips from Resident Evil.

Perhaps some of them will find their spot somewhere in part 2.

Posted by Daniel_Newton

I could really go for some diet squish.

Posted by TurboMan

@TMThomsen: Good job! I'm glad that someone else did this, because I've been getting a few requests to do it myself and I was way behind on Fear Gauntlets!

All of the condemned stuff looks fun, I'm curious to see how long the fear gauntlet goes on.

@dudeglove said:

Been looking forward to something to do a Turboman-esque thing of these vids.

I love you, Benjamin.

Posted by dudeglove

@TurboMan: Never change, Derek.

Posted by TMThomsen

@TurboMan: Thanks! No secret I was highly inspired by your "Best of Giant Bomb Quick Looks" series.

Posted by cyraxible

This is great stuff.

Perhaps for part 2 you could mine all those time Matt tried to style and failed terribly.

Posted by KillyDarko

Great stuff, man! Good job :)

Posted by chrismafuchris

The part with the fake drinks went on too long, but otherwise great work!

Posted by gbrading

Those mannequin men really are from the Bee Gees. Great video!

Posted by buzz_clik

That was put together excellently.

Posted by SuperWristBands

That was great. I haven't seen more than the first-ish episodes of the Condemned Fear Gauntlet but I am totally gonna check them out now. Also, I love the mix of scares with comedy because I never knew which was going to happen. The part where the corpse was being pulled along the ceiling scared the shit out of me! I yelled as loud as Matt and Steve!

Posted by Make_Me_Mad

Just now saw this, and it's amazing. Fear Gauntlet has been fantastic so far... although I think you missed an opportunity to throw in a last second scare at the end of the soda montage. I was anticipating it the whole time for no payoff!

Posted by Jeffsekai

That was awesome, great work dude.

Posted by Krenor

great video

Posted by jakob187

Excellent video indeed! Now I wanna go back and watch the Condemned Fear Gauntlet all over again!

Posted by Fragonard

Awesome. Can't wait for more of these.

Posted by Klarion18

Great Job! The axe throwing and memories of said axe throwing were my favourite parts.

Posted by Lokno

@AlmostSwedish said:

I love this series.

You forgot about "I've been working on a railroad, all the live long DIE!", but otherwise it was great.

I agree. Still, great video! Love that you ended on the soda machine commentary.

Posted by Roomrunner

You made me remember that spaz out in Castlevainia 64. That was great.

As far as editing goes: I personally would have done more jump cuts than fade outs, but I loved the comp overall.

Posted by b33

Team Diet Squish

Posted by PrivateIronTFU

Kessler is definitely the funniest staff member on Giant Bomb.

Posted by obscurefan

I think you did a great job man, like with the flashback joke and the inspector gadget song, great little jokes that fit in there well.

Posted by benson

@Roomrunner said:

As far as editing goes: I personally would have done more jump cuts than fade outs, but I loved the comp overall.

I agree, the fade outs felt a little weird.

Other than that, nice video. I really liked the soda compilation at the end.

Edited by Red12b

oh fuck..






Posted by Red12b

bee gee sequence was the best thing

Posted by Romination

The "2, 3 days old" montage was great.

The parts where you put in the extra stuff, like the Bee Gees part and the flashback, were the best.

Posted by Deusx

That was pretty awesome dude thanks so much I had fun watching this. I will put it on my G+ for everyone to see.

Posted by TheGreatGuero

Awesome. While I've enjoyed the Fear Gauntlet, it's just too long for me to watch more than a few minutes here and there, so I really appreciate your effort in doing this. I'm totally watching this tonight after work. Speaking of that, gotta go!

Posted by RelentlessKnight

I was going to give the fear gauntlet another chance but fuck man, kessler is fucking annoying... thanks for giving me a heachache man!

Posted by me3639

Inclusion of the Bee Gees, genius. nice Job.

Posted by RedEyesBlueBunny

this is just about perfect. very nicely done :D

Posted by GaspoweR

The Bee Gees moment was probably the most hilarious in Fear Gauntlet. This video series is awesome!

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